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The Room Was Dim

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Q: What is a sentence using the world dim?
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Can you make a sentence using the word specialty?

Dim Sum is one of the local specialties in Hong Kong.

How do you make a sentence with the word dim?

The light was dim when I entered the room.

What is a sentence for dim?

He was always a bit dim.The room was dim, even with the light on.

Make a sentence for the word dim-witted?

The dim-witted student struggled to understand the concepts taught in class.

What is the opposite of dim?

The word opposite to the word dim is bright.

How do you use new world in a sentence?

" When I descended the staircase it was like I had entered a whole new world." Is a sentence using new world.

What is a sentence using the world astounding?

That was an astounding show!

Can you give me a sentence using explore?

They where off to explore the world.

Give you a sentence using world replica?

Do you have a replica of your self?

Can you give me a sentence using the word installed?

the world of god

Sentence using aphorism?

A sentence using aphorism: My favorite aphorism is "It's a small world." Something that is short and says something true...

What is a sentence using curmudgeon?

he is a world-class pretentious curmudgeon who deconstructs the world around him.