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What is a sewing circle?

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A group of people who get together and do craft projects, mostly sewing.

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What actors and actresses appeared in Sewing Circle - 1992?

The cast of Sewing Circle - 1992 includes: Kembra Pfahler Lisa Resurrection

What is a tracing wheel?

a tracing wheel is a stick with a knotched circle on it. it was used with colored paper to mark lines on a fabric for sewing.

How do you become a fashion designer in Dream Life superstar?

Go to the camp and sign up for sewing circle. Be patient it takes a while

What is the present progressive tense of the verb sew?

Present progressive of sew:I am sewingWe are sewingYou are sewingHe/she is sewingThey are sewing

What has the author Shirley Adams written?

Shirley Adams has written: 'Sewing Connection Series 12 (Sewing Connection)' 'The Sewing Connection Series V' 'The Sewing Connection Series 9' 'The Sewing Connection' 'Sewing Connection Series VI' 'The Sewing Connection Series' 'The Sewing Connection Series II'

What is a name of a small small sewing case for sewing articles?

sewing basket

What is a sewing needle used for?


What is a pin for sewing?

It is a sewing needle.

Does Singer make good sewing machines for embroidery?

Sewing makes excellent sewing machine for embroidery and general sewing projects.

What is a good sewing machine table if i will be sewing drapes?

The Brother Sewing Machine and Sauder Sewing Table would be a great pick.

What did Martha Washington do?

she married George Washington and planted flowers on her garden. She also helped everone at Vally Forge. She started a sewing circle at Vally Forge.

When was David Copperfield mentioned in Gone With the Wind?

Melanie Wilkes reads the book aloud to the ladies of the sewing circle while the men go to raid Shantytown.

What is the name of a small sewing case?

Sewing kit is the name of small sewing case.

What is reverse sewing?

Reverse sewing is moving the fabric backwards (towardsyou) while sewing with a sewing machine. This is often done to reinforce a stitch.

Are the spinning jenny and the sewing machine alike?

Yes- the spinning jenny is for sewing and the sewing machine is also-obviously- for sewing. Hope I help!! :-)

Where did sewing originate?

Sewing originated in the U.K.

What is sewing box?

sewing box is from Italy

What are the uses of a domestic sewing machine?

sewing :)

What is used of sewing machine in sewing?


How the sewing machine helped people?

The sewing machine has helped people have a faster way of sewing

What is the definition of sewing gauge?

Sewing gauges are hand tools for measuring small areas as you are sewing.

What are the release dates for Sewing with Nancy - 1983 Cosmopolitan Sewing?

Sewing with Nancy - 1983 Cosmopolitan Sewing was released on: USA: 4 January 2009

Is a sewing machine 6x faster than hand sewing?

As sewing machine is 6x times faster than hand sewing and it can even be more. It is a good investment to get a sewing machine because it saves a lot of time.

What is the theory of the sewing machine?

theory of sewing machine

What is in a sewing basket?

a workbasket in which sewing materials can be stored