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What is a sextuplet?

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it means 6 :)

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Who are your two favorite Gosselin sextuplets and why one girl sextuplet and one boy sextuplet?

Leah and Aaden!!

Is is your favorite Hayes sextuplet and twin on table for twelve?

My favorite twin is Meghan and my favorite sextuplet is Tara.

What is the terminology for 6 babies born at once?

The term is sextuplet. I am not 100% sure of the correct spelling.The term is sextuplet. I am not positive on the spelling.

Which gosselin sextuplet was last to walk?


Which gosselin sextuplet was discharged first?


What is a semiquaver sextuplet worth?

A sextuplet of semiquavers (that only occurs in simple meters) worth the value of a crotchet (i.e. four of the same notes; semiquavers).

What are the Gosslen kids named?

well there are 8: the twin girls-Mady and Cara the sextuplet girls: Leah, Alexis , Hannah the sextuplet boys: Aiden, Joel, Collin

What happened to the seventh sextuplet of Jon and kate gosselin?

It did not develop correctly

Which Gosselin sextuplet was born weighing over 3 pounds?


What word means one of six children born together?


What is having 6 kids born at the same time called?


Do the Gosselin children have their own bathrooms?

In the Gosselin's new home the children share bathrooms as follows: - Cara and Mady share a bathroom - Sextuplet girls share a bathroom - Sextuplet boys share a bathroom

What things come in sixes?

sides of a hexagon, angles in a hexagon, babies in a sextuplet

Which gosselin sextuplet is most like Cara?

Alexis is the most like Cara.

What are the release dates for At Large with Geraldo Rivera - 2003 Sextuplet Scam 1-215?

At Large with Geraldo Rivera - 2003 Sextuplet Scam 1-215 was released on: USA: 21 April 2006

What are 6 babies at once called?

Six babies born together are called a sextuplet.

What is a 6 multiple births called?

They are called sextuplets. One in the six children is called a sextuplet.

What are the release dates for The Dr- Oz Show - 2009 Dr- Oz Takes on TV's Sextuplet Toddlers?

The Dr- Oz Show - 2009 Dr- Oz Takes on TV's Sextuplet Toddlers was released on: USA: 20 December 2012

Why are babies called sextuplets and not sixtuplets?

Any collection of six items is called sextuplet, it doesn't matter what they are.

What Gosselin girl was suspended from school?

Alexis Faith-The oldest Sextuplet was suspended-Along with her brother Collin Thomas

How old is Hannah Gosselin?

Hannah Gosselin (a Gosselin sextuplet) is 13 years old (born May 10, 2004).

How old is Aaden Gosselin?

Aaden Gosselin (a Gosselin sextuplet) is 13 years old (born May 10, 2004).

Why did kate give her sextuplet girls their middle names?

Her daughters' middle names are biblical. Hannah Joy. Alexis Faith. Leah Hope.

Who is the tallest Gosselin sextuplet?

I think its Alexis. I am not positive though. You would have to see a picture of them lined up. Did you know that the little Leah, my name is that to!

Where did Kate Gosselin and the sextuplet girls go to see butterflies?

Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida, 10 miles north of Fort Lauderdale.