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Can you wear blue pants with a gray shirt?

Yes, for years a gray suit with a blue shirt have been the standard in business attire. This has evolved to any combination of gray pants and blue shirt, blue pants and gray shirt, etc.. This is one of the most popular color combinations in the American society.

Can you wear black pants with a black shirt?

Wearing black covers up your body. You see it quite often when a person is not as slim as he/she wants, they wear black to hide the shape of their body. If you are confident with your body I would recommend you just wear the colors you like. Audrey Hepburn did,and black is flattering no matter ( Full Answer )

Can you wear a black shirt with grey pants?

\nYes! I was wondering myself and done a lot of research on it, and personally, I think it looks good. Besides, wear what you want and be unique! LOL But yes, they do go together.

What colors pants go with a orange shirt?

Well, it depends on the shade of orange, but ivory, beige, camel, khaki if it's not too green, brown should all be safe. You might find a peach color that goes. Black looks too much like Halloween. If it's not too bright orange, try blue denim.

What color shirt with teal pants?

The color teal tends to look better with lighter colors. It allreally depends on what you like. You can go bold and pair it with afunky print with different colors or it would really look nice witha crisp white shirt.

What color shirt with blue pants?

Black, white, gray, if the pants are navy then maybe even dark/olive green (neutral-ish colors)..Most importantly what ever you think looks nice that you're comfortable in.

What is the cheat to get pants and shirts unlocked on zwinky?

you cant there ant no cheat MS.Casey deleted them all. The only way to unlock your wordrobe is (1). look at your bottom right when you logg on zwinky (2).you see where it says ZBUCKS and ZCARDS right under that you see ZCHEVMENTS and you need to make it be up to 2,000 zchevments by playing games ( Full Answer )

What color pants go with a white shirt?

It depends on how formal you want to be. Black is the most formal, though tan or khaki are also good choices. Pair it with a colorful tie. But don't do bright neon colors.

What color pants gose good with a red shirt?

For a Male: red shirt (depending on the tone of red) would go well with a black or grey pant. It would also go well with any dark colored jeans. For a Female: red shirt can go well with almost anything. So you can try dark skirts, dark pants, or bright skirts or bright pants.

How do you make really cool shirts and pants on Roblox?

To make shirts and pants you must have Builders Club. If you have Builders Club, you can make shirts and pants using your favorite image editing program. Just download the template from the Roblox shirt upload page, and edit the template to make a shirt or pair of pants that looks like whatever you ( Full Answer )

What color pants go with blue shirt?

Black, looks very nice with EVERYTHING. And Maybe a navy blue color for your pants, most pants go with blue, unless your the type to wear colored jeans, then be careful what you pick out. But anyway, if you need something to go with blue stay in the white, black, bluish, grey area if their pants. Ho ( Full Answer )

How do you steal shirts or pants on Roblox?

the number id for the shirt... say its 172624 make the last number... 1 bellow so make that 172623 that will take you to the shirt decal and right click on the image and click save as

Can you wear a Jean shirt with Jean pants?

Assuming that both materials are made of denim, the answer would be no. It is a common fashion rule that only one denim object should be worn at the same time. Wearing multiple denim objects is "overkill" and the material of the denim makes your whole body look stiff, not a very good first impressio ( Full Answer )

What is the cost for hollister to make its shirts and pants?

Around half the retail price so what you pay is double what the company pays. It seems wrong but hey if you owned hollister you would wanna make a profit too! I personally HATE hollister because althought the clothing is cool it is super un-original i walk into school and you don't even have to look ( Full Answer )

What color shirt matches with purple pants?

Since purple pants are a bold statement piece, I would go for a light minimal colored top to make the purple pants the focal piece of your outfit. To deviate from a simple white top you could try a complimentary color like a light yellow, eggshell blue, or even grey.

Is just my size for just pants and shirts?

No, absolutely not. Just My Size offers just about all forms of clothing beyond just pants and shirts. They also underwear, bras, swimwear, sleepwear, and even clothing for men and children.

Do pants dry faster than shirts?

No- from my experience with drip-dry cottondrying on a line. In fact, pants may dry a little slower- the waist area takes longer, it seems. Rayon and polyester dry faster than cotton regardless whether they are shirts or pants.

What do some girls wear instead of pants and a shirt?

girls can wear a number of other clothing then the ones you listed... Just to list a few would be a dress... t-shirt.. blouse... or a suit of armor... if she so inclined to do so.. Um there are lots of clothes girls can wear other than shirts and pants... Skirts, dresses, sweaters, tunics, cardig ( Full Answer )

Should your shoes match your shirt or pants?

The answer is up to you. It depends on what you like but most people like to match ther shirt or pants just because it looks more uniform. But som pants or shirts dont need to match there shoes because you could wer a skirt or shirt that dosent need to match your outfit!

Can you wear camo pants and a purple shirt?

Camo pants are generally came in dark color, now a days you canalso get this pants in different funky colors and designs. You canwear any color of shirt with camo pants. Purple shirt with camopant will definitely give a cool look or dashing look to yourpersonality.

Does black shirt pant shoes blazer match?

It does but I would recommend wear colorful jewellery: reds, silvers, golds,purples, etc. OR put on a colored shirt or change the color of buttons on your blazer. or maybe even put on a colored belt or just some bright shoes with a nice necklace.

What color shirts gob with khaki pants?

Go bold, bolder colors look great with khaki pants. Or if you're not in to bold colors, go for a light blue, or lighter colors.

What pants should you wear for a rainbow shirt?

For pants with a rainbow shirt I would have to go with -White Jeans -Black Jeans -Denim Jeans -Black & White Style Pants -Any Print That Matches The Rainbow As Well -If You Wanted To Go Full Out Rainbow Some Rainbow Leggings

What color shirt goes with a black pants?

Black is supposed to be neutral so anything goes, but styill somecolors accent it better than others. Avoid brown-it looks bad or adark color besides black, White, red and grey black and light blueall look best