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Why do they call a shirt and pants a shirt and pants?

It is wat it is:)

What pants and shirt go with green shoes?

White pants, green shirt.

What is the subject for that shirt and those pants should have not been put in the washing machine?

Shirt and pants

What color pants can you wear with a red shirt?

You were a red shirt with black pants. They look the best

Can you wear a gray shirt with brown pants?

You can wear a gray shirt with brown pants, but you might want a real light gray or try a green shirt with brown pants might be better.

What color pants match a coral shirt?

black pants

Iron is to shirt as steam is to?

Iron is to shirt as steam is to pants.

The total cost of a T-shirt and a pair of pants is 23.90 The pair of pants cost 4.30 more than the T-shirt what is the cost of the T-shirt?


What color tie goes with khaki pants and white shirt?

A purple tie goes with khaki pants and a white shirt.

Black pants tan jacket light green shirt?

Sure, but I think dark blue shirt, black pants and tan jacket work better. or tan pants, light green shirt and black jacket.

What type of pants go with a jean shirt?

Jean pants always

S it to shirt as p is to what?


What is the best way to upload shirts or pants without the shirt template?

well i don't think you can do a shirt or pants without a template

Shirt is to pants as blouse is to what?

hi if you want new and modern shirt go my store this link my store

What shirts and pants did Rosa parks wear?

regular pants and striped shirt.

Why do you say pair of pants and not pair of shirts?

Because pants have two legs and so it's a pair of pants, a shirt is just one shirt and so it isn't a pair of shirts.

What shirt do you where with pink baggy pants?

White\grey\black plain shirt(:

What color shirt with brown jogging pants?

Probably a white t-shirt :)

What col shirt would you wear with light gold pants?

A solid black shirt would match best with light gold pants.

Can you wear blue pants with a gray shirt?

Yes, for years a gray suit with a blue shirt have been the standard in business attire. This has evolved to any combination of gray pants and blue shirt, blue pants and gray shirt, etc. This is one of the most popular color combinations in the American society.

What matches with black pants?

A white shirt

Do blue pants match a purple shirt?


Can you wear a brown shirt with black pants?


What color is Thor's pants and shirt?


What are the names and colors of the seven dwarfs?

The seven dwarfs in the Disney movie are:Happy (yellowish hat, blue pants, brown shirt)Dopey (purple hat, big green shirt, no beard)Sneezy (yellowish hat, maroon pants, brown shirt)Grumpy (brown hat, red shrit, brown pants)Doc (has glasses, brownish hat, and a red shirt with buttons and a black belt)Sleepy (blue hat, tan shirt, maroon pants)Bashful (blue hat, yellow shirt, orange pants)