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If it is small, it is a pony. However, draft horses look much like ponies, but are a whole lot bigger.

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How do you set a horse talent on horse academy on facebook?

To set the horse talent on facebook horse academy you have to be on level 5. I hope i answered your question.

How often does a horse have to get clipped?

If the horse will not be shown, or does not develop such a thick winter coat that he gets overheated, it's a better idea not to clip them; the hair is there for a reason! If they do need to be clipped, there is no set time period; it's whenever you think he needs it.

What is a comforter set?

a comforter set is the thick blanket on your bed

Is the book war horse set in World War 1?

Correct, "War Horse" is set in WW I.

How fast is a galloping horse?

Define horse as a set number. Define gallop as a set number. There is your answer. Or, it would depend on the horse. If the question had one single answer, horse-races wouldn't exist.

Set of variations in a short theme in romantic period?

Set of variations in a short theme in romantic period?

Does the word set have a short e vowel sound?

Yes, the e in set has the short vowel sound

What background do horse paintings have?

all horse pictures are normally set with hills as a background

How much to shoe a horse in Tennessee?

their is no set price for shooing a horse. it varies from farrier to farrier

Does a horse have upper teeth?

Yes, a horse has a full set of both upper and lower teeth.

What type of system is NOS?

nos is nitrus oxcide for short and its a racing set up that alows you to inject the chemical straight into the cylinder for a substancal amount of horse power and torqe gain.

How do you set a secret question on horse isle?

You cannot set a secret question on HorseIsle2

How much do you pay a vet for a horse?

You don't typically buy a horse from a vet. But that being said the price of the horse should already be set and reflect the quality of the horse.

Is greek yogurt watery?

No, it is a thick set, creamy and slightly tangy yogurt.

What does the term horse for sale mean?

The term "horse for sale" is used in horse trading. It general means there is not a set price on the horse and the buyer should contact the seller to get more details.

What is the mustang horses type?

Mustangs are of their own type. Their type varies from horse to horse and isn't a set build.

Which is better thick girdle or thin girdle for diamonds?

The girdle is the series of facets around the widest part of the diamond, used by the jeweler to set the stone. A very wide girdle adds to carat weight, while a very thin girdle can set up the diamond for an accidental fracture or chipping.An ideal girdle is thin to slightly thick. Here is the range of GIA grades for girdle:Extremely ThinVery ThinThinSlightly ThinMediumSlightly ThickThickVery ThickExtremely Thick

Can you ride a horse if it has a broken hock?

No, no, 1000 times no! If a broken hock is ridden on and/or is not professionally set, it can result in the horse being crippled. THis is considered animal abuse and is a violation of the law---if you know of anyone at allwho is riding a horse on a broken hock, please report itto the police ASAP. Also, make sure that the hock is professionally set by a veterinarian. An untreated break can cripple the horse, which results in discomfort for the rest of its life and can sometimes get the horse euthanized. t's abusive to not have the break set or to force the horse to be ridden oni it.

Number of teeth in full set a horse?

An adult male horse will have 40 teeth. An adult mare will have 36 teeth.

Why does a three legged support work better than a four legged one?

Three points determine a plane. To put it another way, a plane can always contact any set of three points. So the tips of the legs of a 3-legged support always contact the floor. A 4-legged support has four possible sets of three legs, i.e. four possible planes that it can contact. Unless all four legs are exactly the same length, their ends don't all lie in the same plane. When set down on a single plane ... like the floor ... the support winds up wobbling among different sets of three points.

Where is War Horse set?

World War I - France, Germany and England

Did bradley steven perry break two fingers during his horse riding?

he broke them on set when he was riding a mini rocking horse

How do you solve runoff?

you can set up (grow) thick grass along the river bank/sides

What is the name of the horse with 1 pair of ribs?

None of the horse breeds have only one pair of ribs. There is, however, a breed of horse that has one LESS set of ribs than all other breeds -- the Arabian Horse.

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