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What is a sign of a blown fuse or a short in the headlights?


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2004-08-29 12:16:17
2004-08-29 12:16:17

one or more headlights don't work but others do.none of the headlights will work.high beams work but low beams don't and vice versa.lights flicker and sometimes go dim.


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A common sign of a short circuit is a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Also visually seeing a burned wire and of course the smell of burned insulation all give an indication of a short circuit.

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A blown fuse is always a sign of excessive current flow. In this case, it's probably caused by a short circuit in the brake light wiring.

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1. That if a short circuit occurs we will get a sign before short circuit will happen or not ? 2. what we can do ? 3. how fuse can get a short circuit ? 4. which wires we have to use from preventing short circuit ?

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Check starter relay. Usualy if a fuse blows that fast it's a sure sign of a major electical short. A 30amp fuse is a heavy fuse which means it's got a heavy load. That kind of a short is a direct short. Starter relays have heavy wiring thats one place to start.If a car blows a fuse like that it's the best kind to have, a lot easer to diagnose than a intermitted short.

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