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one or more headlights don't work but others do.none of the headlights will work.high beams work but low beams don't and vice versa.lights flicker and sometimes go dim.

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โˆ™ 2004-08-29 12:16:17
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Q: What is a sign of a blown fuse or a short in the headlights?
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What is a sign of a short circuit?

A common sign of a short circuit is a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Also visually seeing a burned wire and of course the smell of burned insulation all give an indication of a short circuit.

What would cause brake light fuse to blow on 1997 Jeep Cherokee Removed main brake light bulbs and still blow fuse.?

A blown fuse is always a sign of excessive current flow. In this case, it's probably caused by a short circuit in the brake light wiring.

When you will get to know that short circuit will happen?

1. That if a short circuit occurs we will get a sign before short circuit will happen or not ? 2. what we can do ? 3. how fuse can get a short circuit ? 4. which wires we have to use from preventing short circuit ?

Why does a 30 amp fuse blow everytime you try to start your 1996 Crown Victoria?

Check starter relay. Usualy if a fuse blows that fast it's a sure sign of a major electical short. A 30amp fuse is a heavy fuse which means it's got a heavy load. That kind of a short is a direct short. Starter relays have heavy wiring thats one place to start.If a car blows a fuse like that it's the best kind to have, a lot easer to diagnose than a intermitted short.

What is a sign of your alternator going bad in your 2006 Nissan Sentra?

The headlights may flicker.

How do you remove the service sign off the dash on a citroen Picasso?

service it ,clean plugs ,oil,,short term ! you could take buld out ,might have a fuse ,not sure

Fuse 7 on 1995 Lincoln town car keeps blowing?

Normally is a sign of a short take your manual's owner know the use of the fuse and check the parts...interior fuse box seven get a lot of check if not others warning sign or light not coming....or you can follow wire to see if somewhere you do not get a wire broken...after that need more basic knowedge..

What is the sign used by soccer officials to end the game of soccer?

the whistle is blown

Is a short Femur a sign of Down Syndrome?

There are some studies that a short femur might be a sign of Down's, but that is unsure.

Why is there a peanut butter like substance in my antifreeze in my truck?

That's usally a sign of a blown head gasket. When the engine is cold, take the radiator cap off and then start the engine, if the radiator starts to overflow then that is a sign of a blown head gasket.

What is the problem if you have water in the oil?

Water in oil is a strong sign of a blown head gasket. If you notice any white smoke coming from your tail pipe or, if you take off the radiator cap, after the car has been running it will "gurgle"-another sign of a blown gasket.

How do you fix a short in the tailights in 1996 Nissan 200sx?

By short do you mean it is blowing the fuse. If not, that is not a short. A short circuit means the power wire is grounding out to the negative wire or the metal in the car which is also a negative component of the electrical system. That will blow the fuse. If the light just goes out but the fuse is fine it is a bad connection or a bad ground, corrosion in the light socket, a broken wire or bulb going bad. Another sign of a bad ground is when the brakes are applied the tail lights go out and the brake lights don't light up or they light very dim. Same with the turn signal also.

When fuse blows?

When a fuse blows, you should replace the fuse and check to see what might have caused it to blow. It's a sign that there might be something causing too much current to flow in the circuit.

If there's water in the engine oil is that a bad sign?

YES...most likely you have a blown head gasket.

Is the emission of white smoke a bad sign?

Usually means that the head gasket is blown and you are burning coolant.

You can't find the fuse box for the windows and interior lights in your 2000 volkswagon jetta There is no sign of it in the door fuse panel Where is it located?

the fuse box is on the side by the steering wheel.

How do you know head gasket is blown?

I usually hook up a pressure tester to the radiator for about 20 minutes or so...pull the spark plugs out then crank over the motor. If the head gasket is blown then antifreeze will usually have gotten into the cylinder that has the blown section of the head gasket. When you crank over the engine then antifreeze will squirt out of the cylinder with the antifreeze in it. Also smell the exhaust.. can you smell antifreeze in the exhaust. Is there white smoke coming out of the tailpipe ? That is also a sign of a bad head gasket. Finally. Does the car overheat after a short period of driving ? Yet another sign of a bad head gasket.

What to do about the moisture in the cylinders for a 1997 fORD F150 4.6 liter?

Moisture in the cylinders is a sign of a blown head gasket.

is los of weight a sign of cancer?

have lost about 16 lbs in short lght of time can this be a sign

What is the meaning of DIP when driving a car?

Is that when you are driving down the road and a road sign says "DIP"- that means a slight drop in the road. Or is that a sign on the dash "DIPLIGHTS"- that means low beam headlights.

When a fuse blows?

When a fuse blows, you should replace the fuse and check to see what might have caused it to blow. It's a sign that there might be something causing too much current to flow in the circuit.

Which fuse is the Horn fuse for 2002 Chevrolet Malibu?

Register on and sign up for the 02 Malibu. You can download the owners manual from the site.

How do you know if car fuses are bad?

If a component or an accessory such as the radio, or lights doesn't work, than that is a good sign a fuse is blown. When you suspect that a fuse is bad, find out where it is in your owners manual. Most cars have 2 fuse boxes. One should be somewhere under the hood. The other should be located behind a panel under the dashboard on either the drivers, or passenger side of the car. When you find the right fuse box, look at the diagram on the lid of the fuse box, study it carefully, and determine which fuse is the one that you are looking for, such as; fuel pump, or headlamps. If there isn't a diagram, check the owners manual, it should have a list numbering them. When you find the fuse, gently pull it out of its place, and inspect it. You will see a bridge going from one side of the fuse to the other. If the bridge is connected, that the fuse is fine. If there is a gap in the bridge, than that means the fuse is bad. If you are unsure, pull out another fuse from a part that you know works; and compare them. Be sure to replace a fuse of the same amperage (the number on the top of the fuse) if you replace it your self.

What is the difference between a fuse and a time delay fuse?

A time delay fuse will not blow at the first sign of an overload. It will delay blowing just long enough to allow a motor to start or a compressor to startup.

How do you if your head is blown for A 1995 Monte carlos 3.4l?

Usually presence of water in exhaust or white smoke is a typical sign.