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A complex machine.

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Q: What is a simple machine with 3 simple machines in it?
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How many simple machines does a gumball machine have?


Why are can opener compound machines?

It is made of 4 simple machines: 1)Wheel&Axle 2)lever 3)lever 4)Wedge Remember: a compound machine is a machine formed from 2 or more simple machines

Is a can opener is a simple machine?

There is no one simple machine that is a can opener. A can opener is a combination of simple machines: 1. Wedge, 2. Lever, 3. Wheel and axle.

Is theremore simple machines in a elsculator?

well no there is not, simple machines are machines that are like that same machine ex. a roller coaster and a bath tub are simple machines

Why use a simple machine?

Simple machines are much easier to make than complex machines.

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