What is a six star hotel?

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A self proclaimed ranking without merit.

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Q: What is a six star hotel?
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What is a six tar?

Its six star. Six star is an amazing hotel in Dubai. Search on google images if u wanna see this hotel

Is there a six star hotel in the Philippines?


Is there such thing as a six star hotel?

Yes there is a 6 star hotel in asia/india and it has gold everywhere

How many 5 star hotels are in Kyoto?

There are six 5 star hotels in Kyoto that offer accommodations worthy of such a high rating. They are Hotel Granvia, Gion Hatanaka, Brighton Hotel, Kyoto Hotel Okura, The Westin Miyako Hotel and The Hotel Nikko Princess. They are well known for their restaurants and reception.

What is the hotel?

Hotel is defined as a commercial building that provides lodging, meals, and other guest services. In general, to be called a hotel, an establishment must have a minimum of six letting bedrooms. Although hotels are classified into 'Star' categories (1-Star to 5-Star), there is no standard method of assigning these ratings.

What is the difference between a 3 star hotel and an 5 star hotel?

There wont be $hit on the walls in a 5 star hotel

What is the meaning 7 star hotel?

seven star hotel 7 star means what ?

Is the La Siesta hotel in Djibouti a 5 star hotel?

La Siesta Hotel in Djibouti is a 4 star and not a 5 star.

How many 7 star hotel in Pakistan?

Centaurus Hotel is First 7 Star Hotel in Pakistan.

Eight star hotel in India?

Yes, this is correct but to add onto this, a five star hotel is earned by one of the AAA commissioner and a hotel with stars above that is giving them their own stars. Hint: self-acclaimed. To my knowledge (and I work with Tourism in the Commonwealth) there is no such thing as an eight star hotel. Hotels are rated worldwide from one star to five, with five being the most luxurious. The best hotels in India, the 5 star Taj Mahal Hotel and the Oberoi Mumbai Hotel were of course the scene of the most unfortunate terrorist attack last week-end. There is however one six star hotel in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab, which as of last week starting calling itself a seven star hotel.

How many 7 star hotel in India?

There are no 7 star hotel in India.

Is jw marriott a seven star hotel?

No....itz a 5 star hotel

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