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"Dog" was slang for a troublesome car.
"Sled" or "Turd" is car salesmen slang for a junky car.

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Q: What is a slang word for jalopy?
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What does Jalopy mean?

The word 'jalopy' is a noun, a word for an old, worn out automobile.

What are some slang terms for an automobile?

Here are some examples:CarJalopyFlivverRide

What is the antonym for the word 'jalopy'?

A jalopy is a broken-down vehicle, a clunker. So an antonym would be a new car, smooth (or sweet) ride, baby, or toy.

What is another word for an old car?

Jalopy , clunker

Use jalopy in a sentence?

a group of teenagers drove past in a jalopy hope this helped i will write anotherthe car was a jalopyorshe drove a bashed out oold jalopyorthen i saw a jalopy on the side of the roadorthen the jalopy stopped in the middle of the roadori am embarassed to drive this jalopyori can only afford to buy a jalopyori like jalopy carsbasically what im trying to say is a jalopy is a bashed out clapped out car\

Name a car that starts with the letter J?

Jeep Jaguar Jalopy Jeep Jaguar Jalopy Jeep Jaguar Jalopy Jeep Jaguar Jalopy

What is a six letter word for old beat up car?


What is a jalopy?

for a long time i thought it was a make or brand of car and then i found out what it really was and i was pretty embarrassed because i told everyone i wanted a jalopy but the actual meaning of the word jalopy is a bash out car that is faulty and old, unreliable and breaking down.i still want a jalopy though. hahaglad to help.x

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