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What is a small fruit?

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well, grapes are small.


Gooseberries . blueberries, raspberries , blackberries and olives

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What is a small fruit called?

A small fruit? I don't think there's any term for it except a small fruit...

What is a small seed of a fruit called?

A small seed in a fruit is called a 'pip

What is a small seed in a fruit called?

A small seed in a fruit is called a 'pip'

What is a small basket for fruit called?

A small basket for fruit is called a punnet.

What is a small soft fruit?

A small soft fruit is a Kiwii Fruit, and also their are more other smal soft fruits.!

When was Small-toothed Fruit Bat created?

Small-toothed Fruit Bat was created in 1946.

What word means a small brown fruit?

Kiwi fruit?

What is a small basket of fruit called?

A basket of fruit that is small in size may be called a punnet. It is the term for just the basket, even if there is no fruit inside.

Are fruit flies and gnats the same thing?

A gnat is a small biting fly like insect. A fruit fly is a small insect that eats rotting fruit.

What are the characteristics of fruit flies?

They are small, fly-like and eats fruit.

Is a date a fruit or a vegetable?

A date is a fruit. They're small, sweet, and have pits.

What is inside dragon fruit?

Alot of small black edible seeds and fruit...

What is a small pulpy fruit?


What is a small greasy fruit?


A small pulpy fruit?

Limes, oranges, and lemons. Any kind of small citrus fruit. Passionfruit; tiny and full of pulp.

What is a small fruit basket?

a small basket filled with arranged fruits

What do you feed a squirrel to trap it?

Small nuts, small pieces of fruit

What Homophones of a small pulpy fruit?

Fruit: berry (homophone: bury (cover up)

What is a small orange colored fruit with paper type leaves surrounding fruit?


What is a small seedy fruit?

Grape. Strawberries are not strictly speaking a fruit as the seeds are on the outside.

What fruit is small and pink in color?


A fruit that small and often red?


What is a cumquart?

a small orange like fruit

What is a kumqaut?

a kumquat is a small citris fruit

Is a grape a planet?

No. A grape is a small fruit.