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What is a solar aerator?


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November 30, 2013 10:59AM

Just like the human body, all bodies of water (ponds, lakes, etc.), need oxygen to improve and maintain water quality.

Some oxygen is provided by algae in the water. Algae are microorganisms that are naturally present in water and work to consume and sequester carbon dioxide and other water contaminants.

As part of this process the algae provide oxygen to the water while the sun shines. When the sun is no longer shining or when the contaminant levels in the water are quite large the algae stop providing enough oxygen. The oxygen content of the water drops quickly resulting in fish-kills and smelly stagnant water.

That's where solar aerators come in.

Well designed solar aerators mix air into the water anytime, whether the sun is shining or not with backup power for a minimum of 2-3 consecutive cloudy days.

Well designed solar aerators include 1-2 year electrical and pump warranties in conjunction with five year solar panel warranties.

Well designed solar aerators publish cost of ownership studies that show average annual maintenance costs.

Poorly designed solar aerators only operate in the daytime sun, leaving the fish to hold there breath at night when it is needed most.

Because Solar aerators use only the energy of the sun they have a negative carbon footprint.