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Surfing, sailing, swimming, Water Polo, and a triathlon, water skiing, wake boarding

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Q: What is a sport involving water?
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What is a sport involving water thet is 8 letters long?

Swimming :)

A sport involving water?

Swimming, water polo, windsurfing, surfing, wake boarding, etc.

What is motor sport?

A sport involving a motorized vehicle.

What is a sport involving water that starts with an l?

iorfqwe verfbn gfnse bhedr tf, j sdfrfz

Is whitewater rafting an actual sport?

Whitewater rafting is an actual sport, involving rafting in fast flowing water. It is an intense, challenging and exciting sport due to the fast flowing currents of the river.

What sport involving a ball you are always on defense?

hockey, soccer and all sports involving a ball

What is a four letter sport involving touches?


What sport in the Olympics do you use a horse in?

Any sport involving a horse in the Olympics is referred to as an "Equestrian event"

What is an adrenaline sport?

An adrenaline sport is another name for an extreme sport - a physical activity involving speed, height, danger or spectacular stunts.

Did the ancient egyptians do a sport involving horses?

They dis chariot racing.

What is the name of the process of diffusion involving water?

Osmosis is the name of the process of diffusion involving water.

Why Do People take part in Sport involving risk?

because they are looking for risk

What is a sport involving weights?

professional weightlifting or the world's strongest man competition.

What is a paddlesport?

A paddlesport is any sport involving the propulsion of a watercraft by the means of a paddle.

What is a famous sport involving huge men?

A famous sport involving huge men can be anything from football to mixed martial arts, boxing to collegiate wrestling.. or if sports entertainment counts professional wrestlers are huge.

What is angling?

Angling is a sport or a pastime involving fishing

What is a biathlon?

A biathlon is any sporting discipline involving two events, especially a winter sport involving cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

How do you spell wrestling?

That is the correct spelling of "wrestling" (sport involving physical grappling with opponents).

What sport would an ectomorph be suitable for?

Long Distance sports, or sports involving plyometrics.

What water is used for in sport?

*Clorox water is used for the sport of swimming

Is swimming a water sport?

Yes. You swim in water and it's a sport.

What is a christian ritual involving water?


What is a sport involving octopuses?

Who is they, there are many sports and many theys so this question is impossible -james=(

What is a boardsport?

A boardsport is any sport involving the use of a board as a vital part, for example, surfboarding.

Is water skiing considered a sport?

Yes, water skiing is considered a sport.