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Black hole

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Q: What is a star in which light cannot escape because of the immense gravitational pull at its surface called?
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What potential energy occurs because an object is above the surface of the earth?

That is called gravitational potential energy.

What is the gravitational force of any object near earth's surface called?

The gravitational force on any object near the earth's surface is the weight of the object.

What is the rise and fall of the oceans surface called?

The rise and fall of the ocean's surface is called the tide. The tide is caused by the gravitational pull of the moon.

What is the gravitational force on an any object nearest surfacewhat is the gravitational force on any object near Earth's surface?

The gravitic force on any object on Earth's surface is called, "Weight".

Why 'G'is called universal gravitational constant?

Gravitational because it is related to gravity; universal because it is expected to apply everywhere; constant because it is expected to be the same everywhere.

What planet is the largest and most likely a big ball of gas?

The largest planet in our solar system is Jupiter. It is called a gas giant because it is mostly dense gas. Toward the interior, the gases are compressed into liquid and then into solid form by the immense gravitational forces.

What is the immense sierra redwood tree also called?

The immense Sierra Redwood tree is also called the Giant Sequoia.

What is the gravitational force on an object?

It is the force one object exerts on another just because they have mass. Every object attracts every other object because they have mass and the strength of the force is proportional to the masses. In everyday life the gravitational force on you from say a nearby building is to small to be felt. The only gravitational force on you that can be felt is the one caused by the earth underneath you (because the earth's mass is so large) and we call that particular gravitational force your weight. In fact, the earth's gravitational force on any object near its surface is called its weight.

What is the gravitational force called gravity?

= What is the gravitational force called gravity? =

What is the type of potential energy dependent upon an object's weight and distance from earths surface?

That is called gravitational potential energy.

What force acts against the gravitational force that is in the upward direction?

In physics, there is a force that is called the normal force. This is the force that comes from a surface pushing up on an object. If the surface is level, the normal force is the exact same magnitude as the gravitational force, but straight up. The normal force is always perpendicular to a surface. Hope this helps!

Why are earthquake waves called primary secondary and surface?

Primary and secondary refer to the order in which they come out, surface waves are called surface because they resonate close to the surface

What is the gravitational pull of objects called?

Gravitational attraction.

What is it called when magma erupts onto the surface of the volcano?

Lava. Because when magma reaches the surface, it is called lava.

Why is g called the universal gravitational constant?

Why g is called the universal gravitational constant.Answer:Because it's the constant in Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation.It's "gravitational" because it is related to gravity; "universal ... constant" because it is the same in all cases."Universal" because it applied to the whole of the Universe.Another answer. But, g isn't called the universal gravitational constant.g is the acceleration due to gravity on our planet only.= 9.81 m s-2The universal gravitational constant is G (often called big G ) = 6.673 x 1011 m3 kg-1 s-2.It appears in Newton's equation f= Gm1m2 / d2 .

What is the movement of rock and soil down a slope because of gravity called?

Gravitational displacement or erosion .

What is the exact force of gravitation exerted by the earth on every stationary objects?

The force of gravitation is called the weight; it is equal to mass x (gravitational field). Close to Earth's surface, the gravitational field is about 9.8 newton/kilogram.

What is the measure of gravitational attraction between two objects?

In our usual experience, it is the gravitational attraction of the planet Earth toward the objects on its surface which we measure, and this is called weight. It is also true that every material object has its own gravitational field, so that the stapler and the pen on my desk have a gravitational attraction for each other, but it is so small that we could not observe it.

Why do gravitational energy is sometimes called uphill?

why is gravitational potential energy somtimes called 'uphill energy'

What contains ribosomes on its surface?

Rough endoplasmic reticulum(RER), called "rough" because of the ribosomes on its surface. On the surface where the ribosomes are absent its called Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (SER)

Why are sponges called sessile animals?

Because they are attached to a surface

What are the deep folds on the surface of the brain called?

because they are FAT

The gravitational force?

the force that attracts two matters is called gravitational force.

Do larger objects have a greater force of gravity at the earths surface?

i know that only the object that are having greater mass is the one that has greater gravitational force. the factors affecting gravitational force are the mass and weight. gravitational potential force (G. P. E ) is also called potential energy according to its height...

Why is it called an inclined plane?

It is called an inclined plane because it is a flat surface that is tilted at an angle. The angle makes the flat surface an incline because one end is higher than the other.