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The Gun is a book mainly about two high school kids named Tyray Hobbs and Darrel Mercer. With his height at more than 6 feet tall and muscular, Tyray had been the biggest bully in his freshman Bluford class. Until a small and skinny boy named Darrel Mercer came along. I like this book because Tyray Hobbs bullies Darrel Mercer to the point where Darrel stands up for himself. In front of many kids in his school, Darrel runs into Tyray in the cafeteria after Tyray tells Darrel he hasn't been giving him his weekly payment. Then to make things worse, Tyray tips over Darrels tray and spilling it onto his clothes. Then Darrel had done something he had never done before.

Darrel stood up to Tyray in front of everyone. Darrel said to Tyray, "Tyray, you ain't nothing but a bully, no one in this school likes you." He had told Tyray he wasn't scared of him anymore. Tyray was shocked, along with everyone else in the cafeteria. The next thing Tyray knew, Darrel had picked him up and sent him crashing onto the hard floor of the cafeteria. Tyray tried to protect his fall with his hand but it didn't work. The impact cracked his wrist bone. Tyray couldn't believe it.

Tyray was suspended for 3 days for fighting. When he returned back, everybody who feared him was now laughing at him. The only person who was talking to him was a girl named Lark Collins. After a few days of school, Tyray had been though a lot. So bad that he couldn't handle it no more. He then realized he needed something that would help get revenge on Darrel. He needed a gun.

Tyray met a guy named Bones that was willing to sell Tyray a gun but Bones told him he would give him a week to think about if he really needed it. After a few days Tyray realized he couldn't wait no more so he found another guy to sell him one for 50 bucks. He was told to meet him in front of a gym but he was set up. Tyray had snuck out of the house late at night to his meeting and when he got there, he waited a few minutes and was suddenly hit in the head with a Baseball bat and was knocked out. It was a group of boys that stole his money and they ran away. Tyray had no choice but to wait for his offer with Bones.

When the day came, Tyray had to get 50 dollars so he stole them from his mother. If his dad found out then Tyray would've been dead. Later that day Tyray met Bones in front of a Pizza place where they walked over by a metal dumpster where Tyray gave Bones his 50 dollars and received his gun. On Monday afternoon, Tyray waited for Darrel in the bushes. A few minutes later Darrel passed by in his bike and was knocked off by Tyray with a gun pointed in his face. Tyray had thought about what was happening and he decided not to shoot him, after that Darrel quickly kicked the gun into a ditch and walked Tyray home. When Tyray go home, his mom, dad, and one of his teachers were there. Tyray told them everything.

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Q: What is a summary of the gun by Paul Langan?
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