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What is a swollen taste bud?


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A taste bud, one of the sensors in your mouth that allows you to taste, that is larger than it normally is.


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The effect of swollen taste buds is the case but is covered over by the tongue and doesn't function at all. So person won't taste anything with those taste buds.

probably because the impossible amount of nerve endings in a taste bud, it makes it feel huge and painful

swollen taste bud most likely will go away soon

It is a small white bump on your tongue. it might start out as a red bump.

I have a swollen one right now and read online to use salt and water as a mouthwash it worked instantly finally relief!!

most likely an infected taste bud

There are about 30050600 taste cells in a taste bud! i know its amazing but the truth (this is a lie)

Each taste bud can detect one.

The tongue is irritated or you have eaten either too much sugar or too much salt in the day that it became swollen.

There is not a difference between a papillae and a taste bud. A papillae is what a taste bud is called in medical terms.

There are many known causes for swollen taste buds. A few swollen taste buds causes are listed belowOne of the basic causes for swollen taste buds is eating very hot food, that may irritate or burn the taste bud causing swelling.Having very spicy or salty food is also known to cause swelling of the taste buds.Exposure to toxins like alcohol, tobacco smoke, insecticides, etc.Allergies to certain food stuffs or eating acidic foods like lemons, grapefruit, some sauces.Another cause for swollen taste buds is a gastric condition called acid reflux disease.Tongue ulcers or mouth ulcers due to thrush or any yeast infection can cause inflamed taste buds.Certain mineral or vitamin deficiency like B complex vitamin deficiency can also cause swollen taste buds.Other causes for swollen taste buds are trauma caused to the tongue or taste buds by biting, infection of the stomach or allergy that may cause inflammation to the entire esophagus.Source:

The life span of a taste bud is ten days.(lives until 10 days)

10 days - two weeks is the general life span of a taste bud.

Errr to taste things maybe?

yes it is because it is a taste bud that means YOU CANT TASTE ahaha.

A bursted taste bud is a blister sort of thing that forms on your tongue and in time it will heal. It is where one or more of your taste buds burst.

200300543 cells (isint that amazing)

When taste buds are white that usually means that they are swollen, or sore.

you may have bitten it

The gustatory pore is the neck-like opening of each taste bud.

Spicey is not a taste its picked up by pain.

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