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What is a telegraph circuit?

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A telegraph circuit is an electrical circuit attached to a telegraph. This circuit is incomplete until the telegraph is connected, allowing for the Morse-code messages by tapping the circuit closed.

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How does the telegraph key operate?

THe telegraph key is a switch. Tapping it closes a circuit and send a pulse of electricity down the line. These taps are used to code messages.

Circuit diagram of radio telegraph transmitter?

a transmitter that sends out morse code signals

What is a single wire telegraph?

A single wire telegraph used (earth) ground to complete the circuit. A single wire is run from the key to the receiver, and the other half of the circuit is completed by driving a conducting rod into the ground at each end. Runs of over 2 miles have been tested using this technique.

Who invented the telegraph and the code that the telegraph used?

Samuel Morse invented the telegraph and the code that the telegraph used (Morse code).

If a circuit needs a round trip to work how does a telegraph work on a single wire?

The return path is through the Earth. That's called the "ground" connection.

How telegraph chaneged?

telegraph changed to internet

What came first the telegraph or the telephone?

The telegraph.

Can a telegraph be wireless?

Yes a telegraph can be wireless. Thomas Edison invented the first wireless telegraph

Who are the owners of the Daily Telegraph UK?

The Barclay brothers puchased the Telegraph Group , which included the The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and The spectator, from Hollinger in 2004.

How did people use the telegraph in the 1800s?

You wrote your message on a telegraph form.You handed the telegraph form to the clerk at your local telegraph office.The clerk would count the words of the message and tell you how much it would cost.You would pay the clerk.The clerk would put your telegraph form in the stack of outgoing telegrams.The telegraph operator at your local telegraph office would send the telegrams on the telegraph forms in the stack of outgoing telegrams using the telegraph key.The telegraph operator at the recipient's local telegraph office would listen to the telegraph sounder and write the telegrams down on telegraph forms and put them in the stack of incoming telegrams.Telegraph delivery boys/men would take the telegraph forms in the stack of incoming telegrams and go around town delivering them to the recipients.

Who is the inventer of telegraph?

Samuel Morse invented the telegraph.

What is the working principle of a telegraph?

telegraph is working in which power

Where was the telegraph inveted?

The telegraph was invented in Boston, Massachusetts.

Use telegraph in a sentence?

Telegraph poles to stop debris

Where can you find info about the telegraph?

When was the telegraph ivented?

The telegraph was invented in 1794 By Claude Chappe.

When was Jewish Telegraph created?

Jewish Telegraph was created in 1950.

When was Durango Telegraph created?

Durango Telegraph was created in 2002.

When did Protestant Telegraph end?

Protestant Telegraph ended in 1982.

When was Protestant Telegraph created?

Protestant Telegraph was created in 1966.

Is telegraph an adjective?

It is a noun which can be used as an adjective: a telegraph pole.

What is the meaning of the noun word telegraph?

The noun 'telegraph' is a system for transmitting messages from a distance along a wire by creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection. Telegraph signals are sent over wires. The verb 'to telegraph' is to send a message by telegraph.

What replaced the telegraph?

Welll.... the telegraph replaced the pony express then the telephone replaced the telegraph. and now a days texting has replaced the telephone.

How do you put telegraph into a sentence?

Example of telegraph in a sentence:Yesterday I put up a telegraph pole all around the united kingdom.

How would you put telegraph in an sentence?

Bell was trying to improve the telegraph when he invented the telephone. They used the telegraph to communicate across the ocean.

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