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Bigger tigers and larger cats.

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Are white tigers in the same family as normal tigers?

White Tigers are in the same family group as 'normal tigers'. Although White tigers are not bred by 'normal tigers' and 'normal tigers' can not breed white tigers.

What is the collective noun of tiger?

Collective nouns for tigers are:an ambush of tigersa hide of tigersa streak of tigersa swift of tigers

Are Sumatran tigers the smallest tigers?

Yes, the Sumatran tigers are the smallest tigers in the world.

Are white tigers and white Bengal tigers the same?

No, actually there is no such thing as white Bengal tigers. Bengal tigers are orange with black stripes, and Siberian Tigers(white tigers striped in black). Siberian tigers are the same as White tigers.

How many football team mascots are tigers?

The tiger is used by 7 teams in College Football. Auburn Tigers, Clemson Tigers, Louisiana State (LSU) Tigers, Memphis Tigers, Missouri Tigers, Princeton Tigers, and Towson Tigers.

Are Bengal Tigers Indian Tigers?

Bengal Tigers can come from India, therefore they are Indian tigers.

Who are the white tigers mutual with?

Siberian tigers Siberian tigers

How old are tigers?

it depends because obviously some tigers are old-aged and some tigers are newborn and some tigers are cubs and some tigers are middle-aged and some tigers are teenagers and some tigers are kids!!! lol

Are there different types of tigers in the holl in tigers state.And where can you find the tigers at.?

u can find tigers in Africa

World's no1 watch brand?

tigers stuff tigers stuff tigers stuff tigers stuff

Are Siberian tigers and Bengal tigers related?

Yes. Both cats are tigers, and all tigers are related.

Which types of tigers are extinct?

The following species of tigers either are already specified as extinct or may be near extinction in the wild:Caspian TigersBali TigersJavan TigersChinese Tigers

Are tigers consumers?

Yes, tigers are consumers.Yes, tigers are consumers.

What is Tasmania famous for?

tigers This is nonsense. There are no tigers, and never have been any tigers, in Tasmania. Tigers are confined to Asia.

Who has tigers blood?

Tigers have tigers blood. Charlie Sheen claims he has tigers blood, but, he is just being a jerk.

What to you call a pack of tigers?

A pack of tigers is called a streak of tigers. It is also sometimes called an ambush of tigers.

What are the names of five tiger species?

The different tiger species include: * Bengal tigers * Siberian tigers * Indochinese tigers * Sumatran tigers * Chinese tigers

How are male and female tigers different?

Male tigers are larger than female tigers and male tigers whiskers are also longer than the female tigers

Kinds of tigers?

It is said that there are 10 recognized subspecies of tigers, but some have been extinct for a long while. The 6 remaining subspecies are: Bengal Tigers, Siberian Tigers, Malayan Tigers, Sumatran Tigers, South China Tiger, and Indochinese Tigers.

Are the tigers endangered?

Today, tigers are endangered. There are more pet tigers in noth america than all wild tigers.

Where do tigers and white tigers live?

Orange Tigers live in North America White Tigers live near Russia

Are white tigers called snow tigers?

I believe so. if you type up 'snow tigers', the pictures are white tigers.

Why are the Tennessee Tigers named the Tigers?

They are not the tigers they are the volunteers. no clue why. Da king

How did saber-toothed tigers evolve into tigers?

they never evolve into tigers

How do you hunt tigers?

you don't just leave tigers be Hunting tigers is illegal.

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