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A 'tilde' is the '~' mark placed over the letter 'n' as in the Spanish word 'Señor'.

ex: ¿Cuántos años tienes? --> How old are you?

In Spanish, 'ñ' is a letter of its own just like 'a', 'b','c'. 'año' = 'year' and 'ano' = 'backside (ass)'. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between the letter ñ and the letter n.
A tilde is a character on your keyboard. It looks like this: ~ . It is not used in the English language, but some Latin languages use it as a letter modifier. It is pronounced 'TILL-DUH'.

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What is the tilde key?

~ is the tilde key.

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What is the Spanish word for tilde?

Tilde IS a spanish word.

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What is the tilde used for in Fedora?

The tilde (~) usually refers to the user's home directory.

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How do you say tilde in Spanish?

"tilde" is the little 'wave' over the 'n' in e.g. 'Espana', making it 'nyah''tilde' is pronounced 'tEEl-day' in Spanish

How do you type a tilde?

The tilde is usually the upper left key of the first line of a keyboard (` or ~).To type a tilde, hold shift and press that key.Spanish tilde NTo type a tilde n, hold down the ALT key and press the number 0241, which is ñ.To type a tilde capital N, hold down the ALT key and press 0209, which is Ñ.

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Where is the tilde key on a keyboard?

The tilde key is right below the escape (ESC) key on the keyboard. To display the tilde symbol you need to hold down the shift key.

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What is the meaning of tilde in computer keyboard symbol?

The tilde symbol is used in mathematics to represent infinity.

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How do you make the tilde?

Depending on what type of keyboard you have, the Tilde key can be found at the top left, below the Escape key. By pressing both the Shift key and the Tilde key produces '~'.

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Tilde Michels was born on February 3, 1920, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

How do you put a tilde above a letter in the alphabet?

You have to reconfigure your keyboard to the Portuguese idiom. English doesn't use tilde.

How do you type an n with a tilde?

The tilde n can be typed by holding down the ALT key and pressing 164 or 0241. (produces ñ or ñ ). The capital tilde N is ALT and the numbers 0209 (Ñ).

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What does a tilde symbol usually mean at the beginning of a web address?

The tilde symbol in a web address (eg. usually means that the website belongs to the user with the name after the tilde (in this example, the username is "tim")

Squiggly mark in senor?

this is the answer: tilde

What is the purpose of a tilde?

to spell check your answer

What does tu mean in English?

Tu (no accent/Tilde over the U) means Your. Tú (With an accent/Tilde over the U) means You.

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