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What is a toasting fork?

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This is a long metal fork, usually mage out of wire (like coat-hanger wire) with 3 long prongs. When people heated their houses with open fires (as many still do) they would put a slice of bread on the fork and hold it in front of the fire to toast it.

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What is very handy when there is a fire?

A fire extinguisher, a fire escape, a chimney or a toasting fork, it really depends on what type of fire.

What is 'toasting' when translated from English to Italian?

"Toasting" in English is tostando in Italian.

What is toasting?

toasting is a process of heating something

How do you use toasting in a sentence?

My bagel is toasting in the toaster.

How do you eat a marshmallow?

You can eat them as they are or you can put them on a toasting fork and lightly cook in front of an open fire. They can also be used in puddings normally in a smaller size rather than the regular size.

Where did musical toasting come from?

musical toasting came from a long time ago

Is toasting bread a chemical or physical reaction?

Toasting bread is a chemical reaction.

where can i get a waterford toasting flute?

You can compare prices, purchase and read reviews for waterford toasting flutes at

What store sells toasting flutes?

Toasting flutes can be purchased on, or Toasting flutes can also be purchased at party stores such as I-party, and also

What is a toasting flutes wedding?

Toasting flutes are a kind of long, slender glass. It sounds like everyone in the wedding party had their own toasting flutes at the celebration you saw on television. You can see a wide variety of styles of this type of glass at the following website:

Toasting comes from which country?


Will toasting bread remove gluten?


Will toasting bread destroy gluten?


Why is it called toasting a marshmallow when it does not go in a toaster?

The toaster is a device that toasts, but toasting was done long before the invention of the electric toaster. Toasting on an open fire is undoubtedly the earliest method, which predates the electric toaster by countless thousands of years.

What is 'toasting a drink' when translated from English to French?

Trinquant is a French equivalent of the English phrase "toasting a drink." The present participle in question also translates as "clicking glasses to," "drinking to" and "toasting." The pronunciation will be "treh-kaw" in French.

Which fork is the salad fork?

thesmaller fork is the salad fork and the larger fork is the fork for the main coarse :-)

The origins of rap trace back to a style of talking or chanting over a rhythm or beat called toasting What country did toasting come from?


What is a toaster used for?

Toasting bread of course!

Is toasting bread a chemical change?

yes it is

Is toasting bread a physical or chemical?

its a physical

Is toasting a slice of bread a physical change?


Where did toasting come from?

Toasting originated within the ale houses of Elizabethan England. Spiced toast was placed at the bottom of cups of ale or wine to flavor it.

Can you tell me the best website to find toasting flutes wedding?

Wedding Mountain offers a great array of toasting flutes for all sorts of weddings! Whether your wedding is in the summer or winter, indoor or outdoor, Wedding Mountain will have toasting flutes to suit your needs!

Where did toasting drinks originate?

Toasting drinks comes from when knights drank wine and had parties all the time. Soon, though, in a quest for power, other knights poisonex their comrades. The knights started pouring a little of their own glass into each other in a motion similar to 'toasting' so if one died, they all did. This adapted into a friendly toasting at dinner, usually with wine or beer.

Can you toast toast?

No, you can only toast bread.You can in theory if you partly toast bread then toast it again at a later period, then you would be toasting toast, as the first toasting changes the bread. toasting a full toasted toast would make it burn and possibly start on fire.