What is a typical portuguese lunch?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: What is a typical portuguese lunch?
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What is lunch called in portuguese?


What is a typical lunch in Ireland?

A typical lunch in Ireland would be Irish breads, soups and stews. Traditional Irish foods for lunch meals are considered "peasant dishes".

How do you say lunch in portuguese?

almoço (almosso - fonetics)

What is the typical lunch in Peru?

Rice, Bean, and Stew is a normal lunch in Peru.

What is a typical Afghan lunch?

Depends what part

How do you say 'how was your lunch' in Brazilian Portuguese?

Como foi seu almoço?

What is Portuguese breakfast?

That's 'Pequeno almoço' (literally, 'small lunch').

What is 'Let's go to lunch' when translated from English to Portuguese?

Almocemos! and Vamos almoçar! are Portuguese equivalents of the English phrase "Let's go to lunch!" Birthplace and personal preference determine whether "Let's (have) lunch!" (case 1) or "Let's go to lunch!" (example 2) in English. The respective pronunciations will be "AO-moo-SEY-moosh" and "VA-moo-shao-moo-SA" in Cariocan Brazilian and continental Portuguese.

What is a typical kosher lunch?

Bagels and lox.And something to drink:)

What is the typical nutritional value of a school lunch?

2.00 is a standard price for school lunch... not in cluding snacks and extras

Do you fancy lunch in Portuguese?

Você gosta de comer um lanche, almoçar?

How do you say what are we having for lunch in portuguese?

Que vamos ter para o almoço ?