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I am assuming you mean the vapor lines in the Evaporative Management system. Trapped in the top of the fuel tank, there are fuel vapors, due to normal evaporation of the fuel. These vapors are highly combustible, and make a great fuel source for the engine, if you can figure out how to get them to the engine. That is the job of the Evap management system. At the top of the fuel tank, there is a vapor line that runs up to a management valve. At the appropriate time, usually while you are cruising along at highway speeds, the PCM decides to open that valve, and allow fuel vapors to be sucked into the intake manifold, and the engine uses these vapors. Any line in this system could be called a "vapor tube" or line.

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Q: What is a vapor tube on a 2000 Ford Focus?
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It will cost you about $743.00 to replace a vacuum tube on a Ford Focus 2002.

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If auto - through the dipstick tube If std. - through the plug at side of transmission

Broken Dipstick tube Ford Focus?

A replacement for a broken dipstick tube for the Ford Focus can be purchased at most auto part retailers. As of 2014 the average cost for a replacement is 15.00.

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Through dipstick tube.

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Orifice tube on f150 with 4.2

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I have a 2002 ford focus and it just started to run rough. I found a broken tube on the exhaust manifold that runs to the intake manifold and I am wondering what is tube and if it is causing my problem?

How do you change a EGR tube on a Ford Focus 2001 with a 2.0 engine?

look at the focus fanatics forum... this thread should help

Where is the orfice tube in a 2000 Ford Windstar?

It's located on a vertical aluminum tube on the firewall. Between the junction of two lines.

Location of AC orifice tube on 2001 Ford Focus?

in a 2004 ford focus the orifice tube is located in the line coming off the dryer up against the firewall on the passenger side, It is a screw fitting, really easy to find once you have spent a few hours looking for it and give up and call a ford service department and ask where it is.

Can we see water vapor in a tube?


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Where is the orfice tube in a Ford Taurus

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The sending unit is located on the pickup tube inside the gas tank.

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