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a vegan menu is a menu that has only vegan or some vegan food selections


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A vegan a la carte menu will consist of individual vegan dishes instead of a combination plate.

Veggie fajitas, refried beans, and mexican rice would be a unique dinner for a vegan menu. Fried rice and spicey noodles with cabbage would give an interesting Asian twist on a vegan dinner.

The animal activist group, PETA, offers a two week vegan diet plan menu. If you would like to view the menu, go to:

Houmus and Roasted vegetables flatbread - in some pubs.Portion of chips.Superfood Salad.

While the Jenny Craig menu can be suitable for a vegetarian or a vegan, there is a smaller line of dishes offered as opposed to the regular Jenny Craig menu. There are a lot of adaptations of the Jenny Craig plan, turning it into a vegetarian plan instead.

I don't think the menu matters as much as making sure that it's organic vegan food. Muslims aren't vegan, but most Hindus are. By being certain that the food is organic, there's no chance of it being grown with animal products that may be considered "haram" to the Muslim.

No, but they do have a line of vegan shoes. The vegan shoes are listed as vegan on the website.

No, clams are not vegan.

No, but there are vegan alternatives.

Eggs and honey are not vegan but are vegetarian. Vegetarian- not mean. Vegan- not from an animal. Fish is not vegan.

Sun chips Original are not vegan. They have the ingredient SUGAR. This is not vegan

"Vegan" in French is "végétalien." If you want to say "I am a vegan" you would say: "Je suis végétalien."

'VeganZone' on Hornblend St "Stephanie's Bakery" in Ocean Beach "Natural Express" (vegan drive-thru and buffet/cafe) on Quince and Fifth "Veg-N-Out" in North Park (not far from the 805) "Ranchos" in North Park, an excellent Mexican restaurant with huge offering of vegan/vegetarian dishes clearly marked on the menu

There is no such thing as an octo vegan.

no lipsticks are mostly not vegan

Yes, Gatorade is vegan.

Yes, vinegar is vegan.

Yes, cornstarch is vegan.

Anyone can be a vegan! But currently Barack Obama does not follow a vegan lifestyle.

You can, but it would no longer be a vegan recipe.

Extacts are vegan. Many vegan baking recipes call for extract.

Skittles produced in the UK are vegan. Some varieties of Skittles in the US are vegan. To be sure, check the ingredient list. If gelatin is not on the list, then they are vegan.

I don't think so, since he was in a vegan cookoff, but he definitely wouldn't choose to be vegan (because of his reputation and his job).

Not all Hindus are vegan, most of them are non-vegan . Only some of the Brahmins are vegan.

Hersey's have no products that are vegan, but there are vegan chocolate recipes you can make at home.

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