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I don't know I have the same exact thing i had it once it went away but now it is back its not a pimple, i would just leave it alone for a while and see what happens.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-07 06:02:27
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Q: What is a very hard lump located on the right side of the nose bridge?
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What would be wrong if you have a hard lump on your ear near your top jawbone on the right side?

got a hard lump at the side of my right ear, what could this be.

What is the hard lump just below your right knee cap?

hard lump below the knee - hot but no infection, burning feeling if I stand to long.

Is it normal to have a Lump during chickenpox?

More details: I've noticed a hard lump located below my chin just near the throat. Its like an inch big. I have a chicken pox right now. Is it normal or it's a complication?

What does a wart look like?

A lump of hard skin A lump of hard skin

What could a hard movable half dollar size lump be on the right side of your spine located at the small of the back?

that sounds like a cist. and it will get begger in time. see a doctor.

You are 14 and have a small hard painless lump under your right nipple you are embarrassed to go to anyone but am worried any ideas?

If you have lump under your right nipple you should watch it and go a doctor about it

You discovered a hard lump on the back of your skull on the left side it is hard and is right on the bone that you can naturally feel on both sides but the left side has a lump on it no head injury?


Hard lump in armpit comes and goes what is it?

A lump

What could a hard painless fixed lump on the top right side of a 14 year old's neck about 1 inch in size be?

There are things called "bone spurs" and "fatty lumps." Bone spurs are hard and a fatty lump can feel solid, but mooshy and move around when you touch it. However, I am not a doctor and any lump should be examined by a doctor. They will probably take a needle biopsy from the lump (doesn't hurt) or if too hard they certainly will do a scan. Please see your doctor right away.

What could a hard lump on the right side neck be?

It could be a very bad mosquito bite..

Painless hard lump behind right ear causing severe headaches?

could be dying. go to doctor

Hard lump base of skull?

A hard lump at the base of the skull could be a few things. It is advised to see a doctor and have it tested.

Hard lump on top of shoulder?

Having a hard lump on the top of your should could signify that you have cancer. You should get this checked out immediately.

What is a hard lump that does not move on the lower left side of back?

what is a hard lump that does not move on the lower left side of the back what is a hard lump that does not move on the lower left side of the back That would be your hip

What is a hard lump and a bruise mean?

Bruises mean that some capillaries broke, and they bled under the skin. The hard lump is most likely from the bleeding. As the bruise fades away, the lump should go away with it.

Why is there a Hard lump on the septum?

There are many reasons for a hard lump on the septum. It can be cyst, tumor, or other cause. Only a physician can determine the cause.

What is the lump on your arm?

i have a lump right below my left elbow. what could this be?

What does a large hard lump on the right side of a child's neck mean?

Cancer, if left untreated that it is the size of a lump then he is already dead unless you have a very good health insurance provider or a lot of money.

What is the hard painless lump at the base of your neck?

The lump on the back of your neck would be a part of your spine.

What is a hard lump on the nose between the eye and nose?

The hard lump is part of the skull. The nose starts off as bone and then the remainder is made of cartilage.

What is the hard lump on the dog's rib cage?

A hard lump on your dog's rib cage can very likely be cancer. You should get this checked out immediately by a vet.

What could cause a small hard painful lump with swelling in the crease of your nose and cheek?

It could be what is called a cystic lesion, commonly caused by acne. It is generally a hard lump under the skin located on the face, back, or neck (but can appear anywhere). Heat compresses are recomended. However whenever there is a hard lump anywhere on your body it should be seen by a doctor. Even if it is caused by acne a lot of times antibiotics are required to get rid of infection.

What would a hard lump on the tailbone be?


What is hard lump in cheek?

Bone or bruise

Hard lump between ear and jaw line hurts when touch swollen and red by the ear what could it be?

hard lump between jaw and ear what is it and how can it be cured?