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What is a virus downloader?

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A downloader is a program that automatically downloads and runs and/or installs other software without the user's knowledge or permission. In addition to downloading and installing other software, it may download updated versions of itself. A downloader may install itself in a manner that allows it to constantly check for updated files. For example, it may add an entry to the following registry key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

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Downloader Trojan quarintined how do you get rid of it?

virus virus

How do you get rid of the Downloader Agent AS virus?

It's not really a virus...

Is utorrent a virus?

No, is a torrent downloader

Can you download YouTube videos without virus?

Yes. The free program called YouTube Downloader is virus-free. Simply go to and grab your videos not virus.

What is Trojan horse Downloader Small FU and how do you remove it?

How do I get rid of this Virus?

Symantec Antivirus finds 'Downloader' virus and continuously alerts as the virus keeps trying to attach itself and although Symantec finds it it doesn't get rid of it HELP?

Hi Just a suggestion but make sure you have the latest virus definitions from symantec then restart PC in Safe Mode run anti virus scan in safe mode and see if this makes a difference. Go to Symantec web site and follow suggestions on how to remove all downloader virus files from PC.

Is Riddler2 a downloader virus on a computer?

No. It lets you download up to 7 times faster

How do you get rid of the Trojan horse Downloader Swizzor AX virus?

The spyware program 'PestPatrol' will remove it.

What should you do if the Downloader virus is infecting your Windows-system32-imapdsp.dll file and Norton Antivirus can't clean it and you can't delete or rename it?

Downloader is an old virus, but a brand new variant just hit the streets: Downloader-AYB. Is that the one that got you? Have you tried booting to DOS (Command Prompt) and renaming the file before booting into Windows?

How do you get rid of virus Trojan Horse Downloader Turown I?

AVG version 7.0 ($33 US for 2yr license The only anti-virus software that seems to address the turown virus.

Why does a Trojan downloader ssx appear when you run ad-aware?

The name would suggest that it is a virus!!

How do you remove Trojan horse virus Downloader in windows system32 hpoveptdll?

Try downloading a program by the name of Avast it's a great virus scanner/protector :)

How do you remove Downloader small 32 BN?

ive been getting this virus everyday.....grrrr hope someone comes up with a solution i send it to my virus vault... :(

How do you remove Trojan horse downloader Delf 2 BC?

I had this virus and Panda online scanner removed it!

Does Combat Arms give you viruses?

Well, I think CombatArms downloader has a fake virus. (Or you have a dumb virus protecter) Because I downloaded it, My virus thing said I had a virus, than my computer restarted and than when it turned on no virus, but It took away CombatArms O_O Im downloading it again.

How do you remove a downloader Trojan virus in a svhost.exe system file?

I don't know if there is a better solution but I think you have to reinstall windows

What harm can a virus do to computer?

hacking, spyware, compter worms, downloader viruses things like that. etc. In short a lot.

Your computer is giving you an alert that states virus detected in cwindowssystem32125 mondll it states the virus name is downloader what is this and how do you get rid of it?

Same thing happened to mine.I had to do a system restore and it went away.

What is Trojan horse downloader keenval j and why would a virus protection not recognize the virus?

its not a virus its a trogan hourse i would recomend downloading spysweeper or spybot....and you get lots of bad things on your computer from looking at porn...... not that im saying you do

Does softonic downloader contain a virus?

There are mixed reports. Some people claim to have received a virus but others say that they virus check every piece of the software on the site. I'd always read software reviews and take caution.

How do you remove the Trojan horse downloader realtens and the Trojan horse downloader stubby b?

I think that some more info is needed like what operating system you use, have you tried to do it from a bootscan, what virus detection system do you have before this can be answered.

How do you get rid of Trojan horse downloader Envolo.B and Trojan horse downloader Envolo.C?

Go here for a free virus scan and removal. Be patient, this is a very in depth scan and takes awhile.

Is Babylon a virus?

Babylon is not a virus but is considered as a Potentially-Unwanted-Program (PUP). It is usually bundled with some programs like those music downloading programs or some other downloader programs.

How can you upload something to FanFiction without Norton detecting the Downloader virus?

You can't, you just have to quarantine it and upload all your chapters then your done.

What else can you do to get rid of the Trojan downloader virus?

For support within the United States and Canada, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338). This is the Microsoft virus line, the call is free if you call them they will walk you though the steps for virus removal

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