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What is a virus made up of?


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Virus is a small infectious agent than can only replicate inside the cell of other organism .it consist either RNA OR DNA


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A virus is not made from cells.

No. A virus is not made up of cells.

Vaccines are often made up of dead/weak viruses or particles.

virus consist of two layers: 1. its inner layer is made up of DNA. 2. whereas its outer layer or covering is made up of PROTEIN.......and such virus is known as BACTERIOPHAGE VIRUS

Its not and what its either made up of DNA or RNA

A typical virus is made up of a core of genetic material, either RNA or DNA. It is engulfed by a protective coat referred to as a capsid which is made up of protein.

No, and FYI, a virus isn't living either,and a cell attacted by a virus is called a host cell,

A virus with genes made up of ribonucleic acid, identical to DNA but has the absence of 2 oxygen particles.

A Bob virus is a virus that was made by a guy named Bob in 1999. This virus can make your computer blow up sky high and you will die.

Rabies is a virus. It is made up of ribonucleic acid (RNA) / protein.

Of course a virus is bigger. Viruses contain DNA which is a polymer made up of many molecules.

Because all living organisms are made up of cells, however virus is non cellular.

The inner core is made of either DNA or RNA.

virus is made of DNA surrounded by the proteinn coat

A virus is a non cellular particle made up of a protein coat enclosing the nucleic acid. When a virus invades a cell, it takes over the machinery of the cell to produce new virus. Virus may cause diseases by destroying the cell membranes of the host cells or stopping the synthesis of nucleic acids or proteins in the host. (from biology textbook)

A prophage is made up of proteins that replicate a virus within a cellular structure. The virus does not disrupt the cellular structure of the bacteria, and waits for the lytic cycle to begin so it can replicate.

A virus uses an organism as a host and usually causes it to get sick or perish. It is made up of DNA, a protein layer, and lipids on the outside.

No, a virus is not made of cells, and does not have cells.

Virus - it is made of atoms.

a computer virus can be made by any one who has read a book and has a computer. there are no special requirements to manufacture a virus.

It is af Fake virus, that is made up by the authors of the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" For the purpose of creating a way to start a zombie apocalypse.

The envelope of a virus is made of a lipid bilayer with proteins embedded in the bilayer.

protein makes up the coat of a virus

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