What is a wave normal?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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A wave that represents the direction in the direction the wave moves.

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Q: What is a wave normal?
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What is particle wave?

a partical wave is the name of normal wave

What does a normal look like on a wave diagram?

The normal points in the direction that the wave is traveling.

Explain the difference between a wave and a wavelength?

A wave is a normal wave and a wave length is the wave Height or distance

Angle an incoming wave makes with the normal equals angle the reflected wave makes with the normal?


What is the angle that the incoming wave makes with the normal equals the angle that the outgoing wave makes with the normal?

law of reflection

What type of wave is less crowded than normal?

The mexican wave

How do you measure the wavelength of a transverse?

You can measure it from crest to crest (highest point of a wave), trough to trough (lowest point of a wave), or from normal to normal.

When a wave approaches shallow water the?

When an underwater wave approaches shallow water, the wave is pushed up above normal water level, and then travels toward land above normal water level.

Compare and contrast a cold wave and a heat wave?

they are both can formed by the same high pressure system . the heat waves are extended periods of above-normal temperatures . but the cold wave is an extended periods of below-normal temperatures .

How do you measure the wavelength of a transverse wave?

To measure the amplitude of a transverse wave, you measure the the maximum displacement of a point in the wave's medium relative to the medium's resting position. The more energy the wave has, th more the medium will be displaced. D

When will a V wave be seen on the normal EKG tracing?

Yes, a V wave will be seen on a normal EKG tracing. A V wave can signal a lot of things in an EKG, but what it means will be up to the person reading the EKG and the person's reason for the EKG.

The p wave of a normal electrocardiogram indicates?

Atrial Depolarization.