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You can put your hair in a bun, or cut it off. a hair-clip. I don

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How do you spell 'dent'?

'Dent' is the correct spelling of the word 'dent'.

When was John Dent Dent born?

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A dent is a slight hollow in a hard, even surface made by a blow or by the exertion of pressure.

What does the prefix dent mean in latin?

Dent is not a prefix; dent is a root word. It means tooth or teeth.

How do you pull out a dent in the hood?

It depends on the dent how big is it?

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what is 'a dent on someone's prestige'

How can you avoid getting dents in your instrument?

To avoid damage to the instrument body, it is best to initially grab the ball with the magnet at a reinforced bow guard. Do not grab the ball with the magnet at a body band. Roll out the dent by moving the magnetic handle over the dent with a back and forth motion.

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