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What is a white stick that is edible?

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A candy stick formerly known in the days of my childhood as a candy cigarette. That is the only white stick that I can think of right now that I would even contemplate eating.

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Are all white pumpkins edible?

Yes white pumpkins are just as edible as orange.

Are pink and white lilies edible?

no they are poisonous

Are carrots edible after they turn white?


What is a thin white edible mushroom?


Is white fungi edible?

Most white fungi is edible. Only some is poisonous. I would never pick any without a good field guide.

What is the white edible portion of cauliflower called?

the curd.

What is the edible portion of a scallop?

the white part that is rubbery

What animal eats edible tubers?

White Oryx

Are white ink cap mushrooms edible?


What is a a white edible grain that rhymes with mice?


Are great white sharks edible where are they sold and how do they taste?

Great white sharks are quite edible even though they are meat eaters. They are, however, endangered and it is not legal to hunt and eat them.

Are plum seed edible?

Anything you can stick in your mouth is edible. However, the seeds of the plum are not. In fact it may cause a disruption in your gastric lining which may cause problems.

Does acrylic paint stick to white cardboard?

Yes, acrylic paint will stick to white cardboard.

What is the edible chemical portion of white vinegar?

water and urine

What has 2 ingredients is white is 1 word and has a g in it and is not edible?

Eggshell. Has a yolk and a white inside it.

Does magnets stick to white gold?

Magnets stick to iron and ferrous materials. White gold is not ferrous.

What is the white skin on brie made of?

The white skin on Brie cheese is a thin layer of edible mold.

Is salmon edible after spawning?

yes..the meat turns white,loses its oils and can be mushy but its definitely edible...there really should be a market for it. such a waste

What is chemical composition of edible white vinegar?

Acetic acid Water

From BBC game show What is always white in your kitchen and edible?


BBC Ireland What is always white in your kitchen and edible?

Coconut milk!!!!!!

Edible white crystal?

You think probable to sodium chloride (NaCl).

What is white edible shaped like a box and rhymes with more?


Do stick incects have green poo?

no stick insects have white poo.

Are white pumpkin seeds edible?

Yes they're edible, you just clean them, line them up on a cookie sheet, sprinkle salt on top of them, and bake them.

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