What is a wild dog enemie?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is a wild dog enemie?
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Who is the enemie of the retriever?

the enemie is the dog cacher

Is a wild horse a enemie?

A wild horses's enemies are wolves & mountain lions.

Who is called an enemie to a wild horse?

To a wild horse their main enemy is a Mountain Lion and Bears, lesser concerns are wolves.

What is an enemie to a komodo dragon?

most likely enemie is humans

Do wild dog's bite poision you?

It can if the wild dog has rabies.

What is a baby African wild dog called?

a baby African wild dog is called "a baby African wild dog"

Is a fox a wild dog?

A fox is not a wild dog but a fox and a dog are members of the same family of animals.

What is the name of a wild dog?

A dingo is a type of wild dog found in Australia.

What is more dangerous a hyena or a wild African dog?

the answer is wild african dog

What are facts about the African wild dog?

The wild dog goes by the name of Colby

When was Wild Dog Diaries created?

Wild Dog Diaries was created in 2006.

Is a dingo a wild dog?

The dingo is regarded as Australia's wild dog. However, this does not mean that any wild dog is a dingo. The true dingo is a completely different species of dog.