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What is a wind blown seed?


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A Dandelion seed is an example of a parachute type seed ; a seed that is airborne .


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the hest thing the wind has blown away was a car and or a tree

how is ash seed dispersed Answer. The seed of the Ash tree is normally dispersed on the wind.

A length of water over where the wind has blown is called a Fetch.

Blown is the past tense of blow. "The wind had blown down the tree in our yard."

Wind blown sand can form dunes. You might also say it forms a sandstorm.

when the seman and carpel are pollinated by bees or insects, then the pollen travels down the carpel into the overies then begins to turn into a flower seed. Then the flower disperses the seed through force, wind (blown) or water. :)

no it does not because the papaya seed is not light enough for the wind to carry

Wind burn is the effect of your face getting red and blown from the wind.

The seed is dispersed by wind.

Hi there the only plants I know to be wind pollinated is dandelions and oak trees dandelions have seed on a splayed parachute to pick them up and drift with the wind and oak seeds get blown of and spin down delaying their descend by spinning allows them to be carried further away. ^^You're confusing pollination with seed dispersal. Oaks are wind pollinated and dandelions are apomictic and don't use pollen at all (produce seed asexually)

loose dirt is blown by wind and because there is nothing to hold down the sand it is blown with the wind....oh!

it disperses ist seed when blown

Seed dispersal from wind is considered to be an indirect way in which plants procreate. One of the benefits of seed dispersal from wind is that no other action is required for the plant to spread.

They are blown by the wind

In order to make a seed in a flowering plant, sexual reproduction has to occur. Pollen is created on the stamen, which is then transferred in some way to the pistil, whether it be attached on insects or blown by the wind. The pollen then travels to the ovary, where the seed is then formed from an embryo.

The wind carries seed, animals such as birds carry seed and so does water, so wind, animal and water.

yes a chemist would study a leaf being blown by the wind

Imagine a landscape made almost entirely of sand. A sand dune is a deposit of wind-blown sand.

wind is the mode of seed dispersal of hair seed of madar

Wind speed Length of time the wind has blown over a given area Distance of open water that the wind has blown over; called fetch

The seed coat is important to the seed. The seed coat protects the seed from animals, wind, ice, rain and snow.

maple seed is a seed with wings around it. it's agent of dispersal is wind .

the wind blows the seed off the parent plant and then it lands somewere else and grows a new plant

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