What is a word that can be used in place of is?

There are four basic meanings for the word 'is' in the English language:

(1) Existence: "Socrates is."

(2) Identity: "Mark Twain is Samuel Clemmens"

(3) Predication: "Socrates is wise" or "Socrates is thinking."

(4) General implication (inclusion)/Categorical: "Socrates is a man" or "Man is an animal."

Knowing these four different ways of using the word 'is,' you can vary your sentence structure to avoid 'is' if you feel so inclined.

For example, if you are using "the is of existence," you could say "Socrates exists" instead of "Socrates is." If you are using "the is of predication," you could say "Socrates has wisdom" instead of "Socrates is wise."

There really aren't true replacement words for the 'is,' however, in the sense that 'angry' can mean the same thing as 'mad.' If you are worried that your sentences sound repetitive, you should consider varying your sentence structure in general. Don't go through great lengths to avoid the word 'is.'