What is a young carnivorous called?

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Why some plants use insects and called carnivorous?

Because they are called carnivorous . Carnivorous mean who eat grass or plants,

Will the mom rabbit eat there newborn rabbits if you touch them?

No, Rabbits are quite dosile creatures. Carnivorous creatures are known to kill their young when human contact is made, but seldom will they even eat their young. Rabbits are not carnivorous.

Do dinosaurs eat their young?

No, dinosaurs did not eat their own young. However, some carnivorous species may have eaten young of their species that were not their offspring.

What is it called who eat only animals?


This carnivorous fish lives in the Amazon?

They are called Piranha

Animals that eat both herbivorous and carnivorous are called what?


What is a carnivorous starfish?

It's called a starfish that likes meat.

What are insects called that eat other insects?

Carnivorous insects

Can chickens and bunnies live together?

no bunnies are carnivorous creatures that thirst for the blood of young chickens

What is a sentence with the word carnivorous?

Carnivorous animals are dangerous. Humans are not known as carnivorous animals.

What are meat eater dinosaurs called?

I do believe that meat eating dinosaurs are called carnivorous dinosaurs.

What are dinosaurs called when there in a group?

A group of carnivorous dinosaurs is called a pack. A group of herbivorous dinosaurs is called a herd.

What are the polar bear's behaviors?

Polar Bears are very defensive, especially of their young. They are the most carnivorous of all bears.

What snaping turtles eat?

Snapping turtles are carnivorous, and eat mainly fish, amphibians, invertebrates (when young), and carrion.

Do bass eat plants?

Small and Largemouth Bass are carnivorous. They eat fish and insects. The young eat zooplankton.

What are animals that only eat meat called?

They are called carnivorous.They are called carnivores.animals that only eat meat are called carnivores

In Wisconsin certain carnivorous weasel comes in groups called cetes?


What carnivorous fish is sometimes mistakenly called a freshwater shark?

Northern pike

Lemurs what are the young called?

the young is called

Are cats carnivorous or omnivorous?


What is a young Bengal tiger called?

What is a young Bengal tiger called? It is called a young Bengal tiger.

How can you account for the bear's behavior?

Polar bears are the most defensive especially of thier young,and are the most carnivorous of all bears

What are young salamanders called?

what are young salamanders called

What do you called a young turkey?

The young are called "poults".

Use carnivorous in a sentence?

I am very carnivorous.