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Well, you should wear what you feel comfortable in (NO tights) if you like the colour green, wear it wear your style unless its tights and short mini skirts, when my sister was pregnant she still would wear her usual in maternity size, basically be yourself and be happy cos if you look like tack i wouldn't worry as at the end of 9 months you will be blessed with a beautiful baby!

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Q: What is advice on maternity clothes?
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Who makes size adjustable maternity clothes?

Many maternity clothes are made with elastic waistbands to accommodate a growing belly. You can purchase maternity clothes at Target, Old Navy, and Motherhood Maternity.

Should I get my maternity clothes from Walmart?

Walmart has some of the best deals on maternity clothes. However you can find inexpensive maternity clothes at Target and Kmart as well.

Are there bikinis made to wear when I need maternity clothes?

Most women start to wear maternity clothes when they are 5 months pregnant. The size of your maternity clothes will be the same size as your regular clothes. For example, if your wear a size 8 in your regular clothes, your maternity clothes will be size 8 too.

Do they make maternity clothes for joggers?

Yes, they make maternity clothes for joggers; one website that specializes in maternity fitness wear is

Where can you find cheap trendy maternity clothes?

I know an online store where you can buy trendy maternity clothes-FashionTIY. The products on their websites about maternity clothes are both fashionable and practical. They are very popular and the prices are relatively competitive. You can try it out.

Where can one purchase maternity clothes for a baby?

There are many places where one can purchase maternity clothes for a baby. There are places where one buy maternity clothes at places like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Where can I get a fitness center that gives a maternity workout clothes?

Try this website for clothes for maternity workouts: They have a fairly high variety for you to choose from.

Where can I buy maternity apparel?

J. Crew does not sell maternity clothing. Target does have a great selection of maternity clothes as does Motherhood Maternity.

Who makes plus-sized maternity clothes?

Babies N Bellies manufactures plus sized maternity clothes ( Also Bella Blu Maternity (

What are some maternity clothes for petite women?

Yes there are petite maternity clothes. It can takes some footwork, however they do exist. You can also request the maternity specialty shops put in the order for you.

Where can one buy maternity clothes?

There are stores both online and brick and mortar locations that specialize in maternity clothes. In addition to this major store such as Target, Walmart, department stores have maternity clothing lines, but note that if the store does not specialize in the maternity clothes, the options will be limited.

At which stores can Juicy Couture Maternity clothes be bought?

You can purchase Juicy Couture maternity clothes from Thyme Maternity. You can also check online retailers such as Zulily, or the Juicy Couture website.

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