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What is advice on maternity clothes?

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Well, you should wear what you feel comfortable in (NO tights) if you like the colour green, wear it wear your style unless its tights and short mini skirts, when my sister was pregnant she still would wear her usual in maternity size, basically be yourself and be happy cos if you look like tack i wouldn't worry as at the end of 9 months you will be blessed with a beautiful baby!

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Are there bikinis made to wear when I need maternity clothes?

Most women start to wear maternity clothes when they are 5 months pregnant. The size of your maternity clothes will be the same size as your regular clothes. For example, if your wear a size 8 in your regular clothes, your maternity clothes will be size 8 too.

Do they make maternity clothes for joggers?

Yes, they make maternity clothes for joggers; one website that specializes in maternity fitness wear is

What are some maternity clothes for petite women?

Yes there are petite maternity clothes. It can takes some footwork, however they do exist. You can also request the maternity specialty shops put in the order for you.

At which stores can Juicy Couture Maternity clothes be bought?

You can purchase Juicy Couture maternity clothes from Thyme Maternity. You can also check online retailers such as Zulily, or the Juicy Couture website.

Which stores sell maternity clothes for women during pregnancy?

There are a large number of stores that sell maternity clothes that are required by women during pregnancy. Some major Australian retailers that sell this clothing include Target, Queen Bee and Tiffany Rose.

Where can I get Sims 3 Teen Maternity Clothes?

you cant, the maternity clothes just appear on your pregnant sim not for teens! and you can get some at poppy sims

Does anyone make stylish maternity clothes?

Old Navy and Target make very stylish maternity clothes at very affordable prices.

Are there special washing instructions for maternity clothes?

Washing instructions for maternity clothes are the same as for other clothes manufactured from the same material. The washing instructions on the label should be followed.

Are maternity clothes hypo-allergenic?

Maternity clothes are made out of the same material as regular clothes. To reduce the risk of allergy problems, use a fragrance-free laundry detergent.

How do you get new maternity clothes on sims 2?

You can get new maternity clothes for Sims 2 by downloading Squinges mod; pregnant Sims wear any outfit.

How much are maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes can be free, or it can be £100 for a pair of jeans or anywhere in between. Free clothes can be given to you by friends, or there are cheap items that can be found on eBay. I always liked to buy new maternity clothes, (my choice i know), but there are clothes to fit my budget. If you wanted the higher end items you could look at some of the designer labels.

Are there any top name brands making maternity clothes?

I’m VERY surprised that no one has mentioned Modern Eternity! They’re a longtime player in the maternity clothing world, but not as well-known due to being a smaller operation. I'm pregnant since a few months and I am using maternity clothes from the shop Modern Eternity one of the top brand.

What is the leading brand in maternity clothes?

A Pea in the Pod is a luxury maternity clothing maker. Other popular brands include Motherhood Maternity, Gap Maternity and the Liz Lange collection.

What clothes starts with m?

mittens maternity dress

When do you wear maternity clothes?

When your normal clothes don't fit you any more. Obviously.

What is the difference between maternity and nursing clothes?

maternity clothes are generally worn during the 9 months of your pregnancy and nursing clothes are worn after the birth of your child to help with the aid of breastfeeding and to breastfeed in public discreetly. Its best to check out the differences at maternity and nursing stores(see the link)

When should I start shopping for maternity clothes?

The general rule of thumb is that you should start shopping for maternity clothes around the time you start showing or very soon thereafter.

Do most maternity clothes actually grow with you throughout your entire pregnancy or do you need to buy different ones for every trimester?

Most maternity clothes have elastic and will stretch as you grow.

How much does it cost for maternity clothes?

As with anything, cost depends upon your budget, lifestyle and needs. Are you a working woman who needs a professional maternity wardrobe or are more casual maternity tee shirts and jeans appropriate for your lifestyle. Other considerations are important. Realize that maternity clothes will still be worn after the baby is born while regaining your pre-baby figure. Inexpensive maternity clothes that have a poor cut, lack style and shrink or are misshapen after washing are costly purchases in the end. Quality is the first thing to look for in any purchase. Look for maternity clothes with fashionable style and that will be of the quality that will last, after all this may not be your final pregnancy! Maternity clothes these days are MUCH better than they used to be. You can find stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive maternity jeans at

What styles of clothing does Motherhood Maternity offer?

Motherhood maternity offers many styles of clothing, ranging from plain blue jeans to elegant gowns. Maternity clothes are just like regular clothes, only for pregnant women. Whatever you want, they have it.

What material is used to help maternity clothes expand as the pregancy goes on?

Some of the materials used to allow maternity clothes to stretch include jersey knit, spandex and lycra blends.

What is a good brand of maternity clothes for women with high powered jobs that require fashionable and powerful looking suits?

Old Navy makes a great line of maternity clothes for women.

What maternity work clothes are essential for the Australian work place?

You can try various products like maternity pants, maternity work shirts, maternity skirts, maternity tops even maternity jackets also, It is your comfort level which will decide your style statement Try Sweet Lilly Maternity of Australia and feel the difference & excellence

What stores sell maternity clothes in the UK?

In the United Kingdom some of the stores which sell maternity clothes are: Dorothy Perkins, Mothercare, New Look, Next, Debenhams, Gap, Topshop and ASOS.

Can you change the maternity wear in sims 2?

Yes by using a mod that you have downloaded into your game you can change the maternity wear. Once downloaded you can then download different maternity clothes for your Sims to wear.