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What is age and estimated value of a Winchester Model 1906 22 short rifle serial 109217 in good condition?


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Gun should have smooth forearm and pistol grip. It should shoot more than just 22 short, 22 Short and long as well as long rifle. It will be an expert model 1st year of production 1906. Serial # is below approx. 133,000.


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Winchester Model 1894 serial number 786712 was manufactured in the year 1915. The value can only be determined by a visual inspection and evaluation. Bert H.

If the serial number is 459317, it was made in 1893. Letters don't compute in a Winchester serial number for a model 1873.

The collector value of your 1938 vintage Model 94 Carbine can only be determined by a visual inspection and evaluation. Bert H.

The Winchester 270 1965 model 70, serial number 747048 is valued at $600 in excellent condition. In fair condition, its value is $375. In poor condition, its value is $250.

Something not right with that serial number. Both my Winchester serial dating sites show the cut off on the model 94 at 5103249.

The value of a winchester model 101 all depends on its condition. In poor condition it could be worth $400.00. in excellent mint condition it could be upwards of $2500.

Winchester Model 1906 22 shorts serial # 7035 Looking for age & price fair condition

Your Winchester was manufactured in 1974. It is worth $150 to $350, depending on condition.

Your Winchester is valued at between 275-350 dollars depending on the overall condition.

No way of knowing without you providing the serial number and the overall condition of your Winchester model 1894 rifle.

708875 is not a valid serial number for an 1873 Winchester. Serial 70875 was manufactured in 1881. Condition will matter significantly to determine the value. Have the gun appraised by an advanced Winchester collector because it may be quite valuable

The Winchester 22 model 90 serial number 653387 in good condition, is valued at $1600.รŠIn fair condition, it is valued at $500.รŠ

Winchester Model 94 serial number 2252912 is estimated to have been manufactured in the latter half of the year 1957. Bert H.

I would have your rifle appraised by a member of the Winchester collectors assoc.The value could be considerable on a Very Early model 1894 rifle with a serial number that low.Especially if there are special order features present on this rifle.In good to very good condition,we are possibly talking in excess of 1,750 dollars.Good luck!

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$275-$450, depending on condition.

Between 300-350 dollars in the condition that you describe.

Your winchester model 1894 rifle which was made in 1936 is selling for between 400-650 dollars in the condition you described.

serial# 6478761.Depending on the overall condition of your Winchester,I would say that you should be able to get between 300-450 dollars for your rifle.

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