What is age and value of a Springfield Armory model 1898 the serial number is 4146?

If you look at the stamp on the stock it should tell you a year. for example mine is stamped with usa and underneath it it says 1899.

Answer 2:

I presume its a 30-40 Krag rifle MADE by Springfield Armory in the Spanish American War era and between 1894 to 1898 .

Those rifles were eventually replaced and sold to the civilian market , most were cut down as the rifles were very long .

In years to come , collectors tried to find original wood stocks to fit the full length specimens still remaining , so its VERY possible to get a stock stamp (called a Cartuche) that has just about ANY date on it .

The metal side plate (oposite the loading gate) on the rifle should say the MODEL date , this date would be aproximate .

The Army used some of these guns up to the 1st World War and replaced them with 20th century stocks and sights .

The value of one in pristeine condition and original configuration may go for $3000 but that's pretty rare .

If it is 100% complete and at least in NRA VG condition I would expect a price between $400 and $1000 depending on area of the USA .