What is allergy?

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Allergy - heightened sensitivity to the effects of some body of environmental factors, known as allergens.

The cause of allergiesis the impact on the body of allergy. This may be not only drugs but also food, household dust, animal hair, pollen plants, household chemicals, cosmetics, cold, sunshine and much more. Will there be a man or not allergy, rooted in heredity. If one parent suffers from Allergies, the probability of its occurrence in the child - 30%. Contribute to the development of allergies psychic and emotional overload, hypodynamia, poor nutrition. Someone would need allergies if that person had a weak and vulnerable immune system. Without allergies, those of us with helpless immune systems would be ill forever. Therefore, an allergy is like added protection for the immune system.

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Ash is a tree. An allergy to ash would mean you would sneeze, have hives, or have trouble breathing when you come into contact with ash pollen or ash wood.

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Q: What is allergy?
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Can you get allergy testing done at an allergy treatment center?

Yes, most allergy treatment centers will do allergy testing for a variety of common allergens. In addition, doctors at the allergy center can also prescribe appropriate allergy medications for your daughter.

Does an allergy to bee stings mean an allergy to honey?

No, allergy to bee stings does not mean that there is also an allergy to honey. The two allergens are not related.

What is the spanish word for allergy?

Allergy - alergia

What is the plural of allergy?

The plural of allergy is allergies

What is the name of allergy to wheat?

Wheat allergy

How is a chocolate allergy diagnosed?

allergy test

Does Achoo Allergy work for allergy relief?

Achoo Allergy is a place which provides solutions for bedding which prevent allergy causing factors. They do not actually relieve your existing allergy but provide options to prevent it from re-occurring by curbing the allergy aggravating particles

How is an allergy is different from an allergen?

An allergy is the reaction that the body will have, where as an allergen is something that causes the allergy to occur.

Are poodles allergy friendly?

no dogs are allergy friendly, but they're not as violent allergy pets as others.

Is a chihuahua allergy free?

chihuahuas are not allergy free,they are one of the only dogs that make allergy's worse then they were!

How does allergy affect food choices?

It can effect food choices because you'r allergy can be a food allergy.

What are the symptoms of a caffeine allergy?

what are the symptoms of a caffeine allergy?

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