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The danish alphabet = Det danske alfabet.


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Q: What is alphabet of danish translated?
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What is 'My name is' when translated from English to Danish?

"My name is" in Danish is mit naven er

What is the word 'Danish' when translated from English to Arabic?

Danish = دنماركية (female) or دنماركي (male)

Every English alphabet translated to Japanese alphabet?

There is only one English alphabet, and it cannot be translated into the Japanese alphabet because there is no such thing as a Japanese alphabet. Japanese uses syllabaries and picture-symbols in its writing.

What is a Copenhagen native?

In danish its Københavner and translated its just Copenhagen.

What is buckstabu translated to English?

Buchstabe = letter (of the alphabet)

What is the Japanese alphabet translated to English from A-Z?


The last 3 letters in the danish alphabet the keyboard does not have it?

You can get a new keyboard or have yours replaced.

Where can twilight book in danish be bought?

If the book has been translated into Danish, you should be able to buy it in a local book-store. If not, you could always go to google and search for "Twilight in Danish."

How are English letters translated in latin?

They use the same alphabet.

What is the term 'nitten' used to refer to?

The term of "nitten" is a Danish term. This Danish term, when it is translated into the English language means "nineteen" which in English is a number.

What is the equivalent of what the hell in danish?

Directly translated it's "Hvad helvede?" but a native danish speaker would probably use the phrase "Hvad fanden?"

What is the word 'warlock' when translated from English to Japanese alphabet?

ワーロック Waarokku.

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