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What group was the Fourteenth Amendment designed to protect How did other groups use the Fourteenth Amendment to gain rights

What does this law tell us about what slavery in the United States was based on

Explain why American Indians are called "indigenous peoples."

Explain why Mexican Americans say, โ€œWe didnโ€™t cross the border; the border crossed us.โ€

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Q: What is also known as gourmet roll fed napkins?
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What is Elvis presly also known as?

He was also called "The king of rock n' roll"

What was Elvis known as when he was getting started in the 1950's?

Elvis the Pelvis, the King of Rock and Roll are a couple. Also known as a country singer, rock n' roll, rock-a-billy. and gospel.

How do you spell bagguttes?

The long roll of French bread is spelled "baguette".(In some instances, it applies to shorter roll forms, also known as pistolettes.)

Who sings pretty baby also known as roll to you?

I believe it's 12 Lost Souls

What is the purpose of roll bars?

The purpose of roll bars is to prevent a vehicle from rolling over. It contains a torsion spring bar that is also known as a sway bar to achieve this.

Is Roy Orbison better known as country or rock and roll?

rock and roll

What is meant by electoral roll?

Electoral Roll is Commonly known as Voters List.

What do we call a roll of electrical wire?

Depending on how the wire is sold, it can also be known as a spool of wire or a coil of wire.

What was Jerry lee lewis's career?

he was a singer who sung rock 'n roll and blueshe is also known as the killer

What is the function of a safety cage?

A safety cage is also known as a roll cage. The function of one is to prevent the roof on a racing car or similar vehicle from caving in in case of a roll over.

What network cable is used between a terminal port and a console?

roll over cable which is also known as console cable.

What does dani mean in rhcp song dani California?

not sure but the song is also known as a love song to rock and roll

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