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  • SEO poisoning attacks are primarily attacks on popular websites using XSS or cross server scripting. Most common SEO poisoning attack today is the the Iframe attack. This is the case when a very popular page with proper SEO is targeted by malicious hackers. What they do is exploit the input and display vulnerablity on these sites. I frames are then injected into such sites so when you search for some keyword related to a site you may be redirected ater a while to some unknown site selling you viagra or free computer malware scanner.
  • It is also known as Blackhat SEO attack when hackers manipulate search engine results to make their links appear higher than legitimate results. As a user searches for related terms, the infected links appear near the top of the search results, generating a greater number of clicks to malicious Web sites.
  • SEO poisoning is one of the growing attacks on the websites. Nowadays, this attack is increasing on popular websites. These attacks are based on the implementation of vulnerabilities in computer securities. The attackers are able to upload and implement scripts basically in php, javascript languages on the back end of the websites thus infecting them and resulting in a little nuisance or a significant security risk. They use XSS.
  • SEO poisoning attack is a common practice among Web sites -- caching search queries -- an activity designed to boost their rankings among major search engines, such as Google, according to security researcher Dancho Danchev. The attackers inject common search terms and an iframe script designed to send victims to other sites hosting malicious code. The search term and iframe redirect get cached in search engines such as Google.
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Q: What is an 'SEO poisoning attack'?
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