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An accelerometer is an instrument used to measure acceleration.

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Q: What is an Accelerometer?
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Does the Samsung Intercept have an accelerometer?

Yes, it in fact has an accelerometer

How an accelerometer inside Apple iPhone is made?

Are accelerometer and blackbox same?

No. The black box is a recorder, while an accelerometer feeds an instrument.

How do you turn on the iPod Touch's accelerometer or fix it so that it works again?

You can't. If you are having intermittent or permanent problems with your accelerometer, you need to get your unit serviced or exchanged or live without the accelerometer.

How do iPod touches sense tilt?

With a super accurate sensor called an accelerometer. The accelerometer senses the acceleration of the iPod in different directions, so when you move your iPod up or down the accelerometer the motion into a signal.

What is accelerometer?

A tool to measure acceleration

Who invented the accelerometer?

George Attwood

What makes the iPad rotate?

The iPad has something inside it called an accelerometer. An accelerometer senses motion and tells the iPad which way is up.

What is an accelerometer used for?

An accelerometer is used to measure proper acceleration. This is the acceleration felt by people and objects. Such accelerations are measured in terms of G-Force.

What would you use to measure acceleration?

Acceleration is measured using an instrument called an ACCELEROMETER The simplest home-made accelerometer is a liquid-surface accelerometer, with water in a transparent liquid container with boxy sides. The slope of the liquid surface is a measurement of acceleration.

Who invented the accelerometer in mobile?

George atwood

How do you measure acceleration?

Metres per second squared (m/s^2) Acceleration can be measured with an accelerometer. The simplest home-made accelerometer is a liquid-surface accelerometer, with water in a transparent liquid container with boxy sides. The slope of the liquid is a measurement of acceleration.

Does the Verizon xv6900 Htc touch CDMA have an accelerometer?


How can acceleration be measured?

Acceleration can be measured using an accelerometer.

What vibration sensor is used in accident detection?


If an accelerometer reads plus 1g the aircraft is?

When the aircraft is in straight & level flight , accelerometer reads 1g , as the aircraft comes to land on the ground 1g tuns to ZERO

What are the functionalities of accelerometer in iPhone application development process?

The functionalities of accelerometer include detecting the movement and change the display accordingly during the course of rotating the iPhone from portraits to landscape.

How does an accelerometer for Nintendo Wii work?

The accelerometer in a Nintendo Wii controller basically detects a 3-axis range of movement by using a digital accelerometer. This accelerometer detects movement in these three particular axis by sensing small voltage changes that occur in the accelerometer during movement in each of the three axis. Google "how does an accelerometer work" and you will get a little better understanding of how this works. The one axis, however, that the accelerometer in the Wii remote does not detect is rotation on a flat X plane. So in other words if I hold the Wii remote flat, parallel to the ground, and begin to rotate it left and right while still keeping the remote flat to the ground the accelerometer would not detect that movement. This is why the Wii has the sensor bar with the two emitting IR LEDs in it. The Wii remote has an infrared camera on it and when it sees the IR LEDs on the sensor bar it is able to provide tracking data to the console and track the X plane movement of the remote. Hope this somewhat answers your question! Thanks.

What is the purpose of an accelerometer?

to measure the vibration or accelerationof motin of a structure

What is an electronic unit that measures tilt and motion?

That would be an Accelerometer.

Does the first gen ipod touch have app store and the accelerometer?

The 1st gen ipod touch only comes with the accelerometer, not the app store, you will have to upgrade the firmware to 2.1, for around $9.90.

Does the lg viewty snap have an accelerometer?

Yes it does. it is capaple with games that you can get on the iphone

What is the function of the accelerometer feature of the Apple iPod Touch?

An accelerometer measures freefall, which isn't very useful to iPod owners. However, this app can be used to help program games that require tilting or shaking of the device.

Can a watch be used as an accelerometer?

No. An accelerometer measures its own acceleration relative to freefall. A watch just tells time. One can extrapolate his or her acceleration relative to freefall using a watch, but the watch itself can't tell you how fast you're accelerating. If you're the one doing the calculation, you're the accelerometer, in a sense.There are watches with accelerometers, but an ordinary watch can't be used that way.

Can accelerometers break?

oh yes. I would think it rare in normal use, but any kind of potential short circuit, such as the presence of moisture, or a drop beyond the rating for the accelerometer would be the most likely causes for an accelerometer to break.