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what is an ole object fied

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A field who has data type that can store an OLE object which is an object linked to or embedded in the table?

A field whose data type is OLE Object can store an OLE object. Which is an object linked to or embedded in the table.

What field whose data type is can store an OLE object which is an object linked to or embedded in the table?

OLE Object

Do anyone know how to make blob field in ms Access?

An OLE object column is a blob on steroids.

What is an OLE object?

object linking and embedding

What are the full form of OLE?

OLE is Object Linking and Embedding.:)

What is the full form of ole in vb?

Object linking and embedding (ole)

You can use the OLE Object data type or the Attachment data type to store a picture?

Use OLE object. That is how mine works :)

What does OLE stand for?

Object Linking and Embedding

What is the full form of OLE?

Object Linking and Embedding

What does OLE stand for in computer terms?

Object Linking and Embedding

What are the data type available for Access table field?

Access Data Types are : Autonumber, Memo Text, Number, Yes/No, date/time, OLE object, Hyperlink, Currency.

What does ole db stands for?

object linking and embedding in data base

What does the acronym OLE stand for pertaining to a spreadsheet?

Object Linking and Embedding.

What is true about an object pulled inward in an electric field does it have negative charge object has charge of different field object has neutral charge or object has a charge same field?


What is Ole controls in vb?

OLE, pronounced olé (oh-leh), is an abbreviation of Object Linking and Embedding, a means of placing one object inside another, such that the embedded object remains independent of the object into which it is embedded. As a simple example, when you insert one image inside another, the two images become merged and there's no way to separate them other than by going back to the original sources. With OLE, the two images remain independent of each other and can therefore be edited independently of each other. Essentially, one image acts as the OLE container for the embedded image. There are two ways to use OLE: by copying the source object or by linking to the source object. If you make a copy, the source and the copy are independent of each other but the copy is also independent of its container. By linking to the source, there is only one instance of the object. Thus whether you edit the source or the embedded object, you are editing the same object. The container and the object are linked. OLE was originally intended to provide a means of creating compound documents, such as inserting a spreadsheet into a word processing document, or a graph into a slideshow, such that the objects could be still be edited in the applications that created them as well as allowing the compound documents to automatically update themselves whenever the sources were updated. However, the technology was extended such that any object could enable OLE and thus be embedded in any container that supported OLE. ActiveX became an extension of OLE, both of which are part of COM, the Component Object Model.

What is OLE in Microsoft Excel?

OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding. It is a process that Microsoft developed to allow you to embed and link document and other objects. It allows you to create a document in an application designed to create a specific object, such as a chart from PowerPoint, and embed that object in another application, such as Excel.

What is the meaning of ole?

Object Linking and Embedding is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows embedding and linking to documents and other objects. For developers, it brought OLE Control Extension (OCX), a way to develop and use custom user interface elements. On a technical level, an OLE object is any object that implements the IOleObject interface, possibly along with a wide range of other interfaces, depending on the object's needs.

When and where did baseball player Ole Olsen play?

Ole Olsen debuted on April 12, 1922, playing for the Detroit Tigers at Navin Field; he played his final game on September 24, 1923, playing for the Detroit Tigers at Navin Field.

Can an object apply force to another object without touching it in a field?

Well assuming one object is not in any field created by the other object, I would say no.

If an object is moving to the left at a constant speed and your eyes are rotating to the left at twice the speed how will you see the object?

The object will appear to be moving to the right in your visual field. This is because your visual field is moving to the left faster than the object is moving to the left. What you will see is that the object will appear in your visual field on the left, and the object will move across your visual field to the right.

What is the name of the technololgy that allows you to insert an excel worksheet into a document?

Object linking or embedding or OLE.

How soon did people like the grand ole opry?

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The difference between paramagnetsm and diamagnetsm when field is applied?

A paramagnetic object is attracted to the magnetic field while a diamagnetic object will have a repulsive force to the field

The area around an object that is affected by the magnetism of that object is the?

magnetic force field of that object.

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