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What is an abrasive personality?

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An abrasive personality just means one has a tendancy to be annoying to someone resulting or causing a hostile feeling to whoever it is that one is annoying or causing enmity towards. According to the dictionary, this is also labelled as "overly aggressive".

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What personality traits starting with a?

Ambitious and agreeable are personality traits. Abrasive and abrupt are personality traits.

Make sentence with the word abrasive?

Those bristles are abrasive to the touch. The rhythms of the rock song were fast and abrasive. Her abrasive personality made her a person many chose to avoid.

How do you improve an abrasive personality?

Yours or the other guy's?

Is an abrasive personality a personality disorder?

No, it is a sign deeper problems. If situational maybe just a defence mechinism

How do you put the word abrasive in a sentence?

The finish on that table could use a light rubbing with an abrasive cloth.

What is the definition of abrasives?

abrasives: adj. # Causing abrasion: scratched the stovetop with an abrasive cleanser. # Harsh and rough in manner: an unpleasant, abrasive personality. n. A substance that abrades.a·bra'sive·ly adv., a·bra'sive·nessn.abrasive: -noun 1. any material or substance used for grinding, polishing, etc., as emery, pumice, or sandpaper. -adjective 2. tending to abrade; causing abrasion; abrading. 3. tending to annoy or cause ill will; overly aggressive: an abrasive personality.

How do you say 'abrasive' in french?

abrasif (masc.), abrasive (fem.)

What is a sentence for the word 'abrasive'?

Lava brand soap is very abrasive.Sandpaper removes paint because it is so abrasive.'We would get along better if you weren't so abrasive.'

How do you say abrasive in Hebrew Such as he can be very abrasive?

abrasive in that context would be: mahtreed (מטריד)

Can you give me a sentence using abrasive?

Heres a few examples- Sand paper is abrasive. the sex i had was abrasive. abrasive means rough, coarse, etc.

How can the word abrasive be used in a sentence?

Some areas need an abrasive cleanser. Abrasive cleaners scratch wood floors and woodwork. Sally's words were abrasive. John didn't realize how abrasive he sounded.

What personality words start with a?

· able· abrasive· abrupt· absent-minded· accessible· accurate· admirable· adorable· adventurous· affectionate· aggravating· aggressive· aggravating· agreeable· aloof· altruistic· amazing· ambitious· amorous· angelic· annoying· appreciative· approachable· articulate· artistic· astute· authoritative· awesome· awkwardAmbitiousAdventurousAggressiveAlertAnnoyingAnxiousArrogantAmusingAbusiveAbrasiveAlluringAloofAppealingAthleticAttentiveAwkwardAgreeable, ambitious, appreciative and astute are adjectives that describe a person's personality. A person's personality also could be described as abrasive, abrupt, abusive, aloof, annoying or arrogant.

What are some Personality traits that start with A?

Abrasive, abrupt, abusive, adventurous, affectionate, aggravating, aggressive, agreeable, aloof, ambitious, amorous, angelic, annoying, antagonistic, appreciative, articulate, artistic and authoritative are personality traits. They begin with the letter a.

What does abrasive mean?

Abrasive means rough and hard - scratchy.

What is an abrasive mineral?

Abrasive minerals can either be natural or synthetic. An example of an abrasive material is quartz because it is hard, sharp and tough.

What is a abrasive cloth?

Type your answer here... Abrasive Cloth may know as Abrasive backup with Clothbacking meanly use for Finishing of Materials.

Give you a sentence for abrasive?

The abrasive material scarred the exposed skin.

Which toothpaste does not have fine abrasive-?

Branx is a toothpaste brand that is not fine abrasive.

What is an abrasive cleaner?

An abrasive cleaner is one that might scratch a surface being cleaned. Steel wool is an abrasive cleaner. Comet is also an abrasive cleaner because it contains a gritty formula for cleaning.

Abrasive in a sentence?

An abrasive cleanser may remove those stains.The last time I missed a deadline, my boss's reprimands were loud and abrasive.He likes to keep things brief and to the point, but many times he comes off as abrasive.The new recruits grew accustomed to the drill sergeant's abrasive comments and overbearing leadership style.A strong, abrasive facial cleanser will dry out your skin.Put a little abrasive in your lubricant to make your sex life much more interesting.

What is an abrasive?

An abrasive is a substance used for grinding, polishing, or cleaning a hard surface.

What mineral is the best abrasive?

Diamond is the ultimate mineral for use in abrasive tools.

What starts with a b and rhymes with abrasive?

There are no words that start with B and rhyme with abrasive.

When was Abrasive - album - created?

Abrasive - album - was created in 1996.

What is Solid Abrasive Material?

A solid abrasive material is a mineral which can wear away part of another solid by rubbing. A common solid abrasive is diamond.