What is an absorbtion spectrum?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: What is an absorbtion spectrum?
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What layer of the sun is responsible for the absorption of lines in the solar spectrum?

Light coming up from the centre of the Sun goes through the outer layer where it encounters absorbtion by elements in the outer layer, and this gives rise to absorbtion lines in the spectrum.

Image of emission or absorption spectrum of manganese?

This would consist of several series of lines corresponding to the energies of electron transitions. They are bright lines for an emission spectrum and dark for absorbtion.

What is white color produced of?

White is technically the reflection of all colours on the spectrum while black is all colours' absorbtion.

Why does a gas give off an emission spectrum when it absorbs energy?

It doesn't. An absorbtion spectrum is produced when it absorbs energy. An emission spectrum is produced when it lets the energy go again. The energy changes are associated with the element's electrons going up to higher energy levels and then dropping down again.

How do you determine the composition of a new star that is located outside the solar system and inside our galaxy?

By looking at the spectrum of its light and finding out which absorbtion lines can be seen. The lines correspond to specific elements in the outer parts of the star.

Why is it important for a solar cell to reflect as little light as possible?

Less reflection, more absorbtion. More absorbtion, greater efficiency.

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absorbtion Cork antidiarrhoeal

Why is the solar spectrum an absorption spectrum rather than an emission spectrum?

The sun has 3 layers - the photosphere, the chromosphere, the corona. Photosphere is the visible surface and gives the absorption spectrum. Chromosphere is the pinkish discharge encircling the Sun, visible only during a total eclipse. This gives the emission spectrum. Corona is the halo encircling the chromosphere. THis gives the coronal spectrum.

What in the world does radar measure in the ocean?

light absorbtion

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