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an abstract class is nothing but class which contains both abstract and concrete methods for abstract class we r nt create object

Syntax for pure abstract class is

abstract class x


public void abstract y();

public void abstract z();

public void abc()



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The syntax of function (I hope that Function is related to function syntax):1. Helps you in using or calling the function even though you do not know the whole implementation inside it2. Helps the compiler in performing the cross check of the function called used in code, as it checks if the syntax matches with used one or not.3. Helps in solving compiler error to some extent.I think it is the 'function prototype' what you think of. Syntax is a set of rules that formally describe a programming language.

Function declaration, definition, or calling? Pick one.

you have to give a statement in the following syntax datatype variable;

Syntax refers to the rules for constructing a function.

The Average function can use numbers, cells or ranges or a mix of these. IT can take up to 255 values. The general syntax is: =AVERAGE(number1, [number2], ...)

Simplest case: the;A more difficult case: the [];

The syntax for a function declaration in C is:return-type function-name(list-of-parameter-types);The following example declares a function that takes an int type parameter and returns an int.Example:int myFunction(int);

we can declare a variable using the following syntax datatype variablename; actually variable is the name given to the memory location which store values.


When functions are used, they must follow their designated structure, which is the syntax. If the syntax is not followed, the function will not work. The same is the case if VBA is being used to write code for the worksheet.

it's not a statement, it's a function: len= printf (format, ...more-parameters...);

A function object is a computer programming construct allowing an object to be invoked or called as if it were an ordinary function, usually with the same syntax ...

It is somewhat syntax of programming. But when program runs,device known as pre-processor process statements before main function. So when we use that function inside main function it will get idea and run directly without showing any error. So for compilers simplicity and fast execution purpose it is necessary to declare function before its use.

Syntax errors and prototype errors.

Function definiton syntax: return_type fn_name(argument1, argument2,....argumentn) { _______________________ function body _______________________ }

they're called user-defined functions, this is the syntax: function the_user_defined_name() { the code you want here }

The syntax for dynamic sql is For example if you want to create table at run time then syntax is Declare V-string varchar2(900); begin V_string:='create table ORACLE (empno number,ename varchar2(90)'); execute immediate V_string; end; /

The proper syntax to insert a multi-line comment into JavaScript is to surround the comment with /* and */ function useless() { /* This function doesn't do anything We should come back to it. Soon. */ }

Functions are basic blocks of code that work together. Functions can be used from the core PHP or can be created by users. To create a function, use the following syntax: function function_name(arg1, arg2, ... argX) { //Any valid php code here } To use a function, use the following syntax: function_name(arg1, arg2, ... argX);

You have to be more specific. What part of C syntax? Do you want the syntax for outputing a number or sentence, do you want to syntax for creating a array, struct, a user defined function or what? #include iostream using namespace std; int main { cout << "Hello World!" << endl; return 0; };

#include double y, x;y= sin (x);

There is no real answer to that. Every function is different. Some require arguments to make them work, but not all do. All functions have a structure called a syntax that has to be followed in order for them to work. The syntax for functions are different, though some are similar.

A syntax variation is a group of things that is syntax

programming syntax is defined as a predefined pattern in which the program is written. for example:- the programming syntax in c is as: #include<headerfile or prototype> as per need. global declaration. main function or(void main) { body of coding; //comments } user defined functions() { coding; //comments }

That depends on the syntax rules of the language in which you are programming. However, the "," is the most usual separator).

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