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Theoritically, there exists no acid that can fully dissociate into ions in aqueous medium.

Though, for practical purposes, it is often assumed that strong acids such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid etc. are fully dissociated.

Other than these few strong acids, all other acids partially dissociate, a common example is acetic acid.

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Q: What is an acid that does not dissociate 100 percent of its ions?
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What is an acid that does not dissociate 100 percent into its ions HA H plus plus A?

weak acid

Why the conductivity of H3BO3 is lower than H3PO4 while they each free the same amount of ions per mole?

Because H3BO3 is a weak acid, where H3PO4 is a strong acid. Strong acids dissociate 100%, whereas weak acids do not.

What is always true of a weak acid?

It will not dissociate 100% in water.

Why is hydrocloric acid stronger than ethanoic acid?

Yes - low pH means a stronger acid because pH is the NEGATIVE logarithm to base 10 of the [H+] ion concentration. Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid in that it fully ionizes and has a higher concentration of hydrogen ions on a like for like basis than ethanoic acid (acetic acid) which is a weak acid in that it does not fully dissociate.

What you pH value when 100 percent sulfuric acid?

100% sulfuric acid rapidly decomposes until it reaches a concentration of 98%. This concentration is usually referred to as concentrated sulfuric acid. The pH value of 98% sulfuric acid is approximately -1.5 For comparison, sulfuric acid of this concentration has about 300 times as many active hydrogen ions as stomach acid (approximate pH 1).

What is the Term for 100 percent sulfuric acid?

Oil of vitriol.

What percent by volume of acid is in dilute sulfuric acid?

The answer depends on the dilution factor and if the sulfuric acid was 100% to start.

How do you classify a weak acid?

An element is not an acid. An acid is weak when it dissociates to a very small extent. If u have a certain solution of that acid, check if the concentration of the acid itself is close to that of the solution. If they r the same, it is very strong and dissociates completely.

What is the concentration of H plus in 0.50 M hydroiodic (HI) acid?

Since HI is considered a strong acid, it will dissociate 100% leading to 0.50 M H+ and 0.50 M I-. So, the answer would be 0.50 M.

Why is ammonium hydroxide a weak base?

So, ammonium hydroxide is a weak base. Weak base means that it dissociate slightly in water, that is, it does not dissociate 100% in water. This is because, when ammounium hydroxide reacts with water it forms hydrogen ions. But as the reaction is very revesible it will never react completely with water, that is, it will never dissociate completely with water. Thus, it is a weak base.

What is the difference between a strong acid or base and a weak acid or base?

Strong acids/bases will dissociate to almost 100% in water and their conjugate base/acid will be weak. Weak acid/base will not dissociate well in water and their conjugate base/acid will be strong.

What does the 99 mean in Butyric Acid 99 percent?

This means that the purity is 99%, 99 parts out of 100 are butyric acid.