What is an advanced pregnancy?


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The last trimester of pregnancy is sometimes referred to as advanced pregnancy.

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They pretty much amount to "surgery and wishful thinking", but methotrexate can be used in some cases if the pregnancy is not far advanced and there is not also a viable uterine pregnancy.

An x-ray will only show a pregnancy if the pregnancy is at an advanced stage. It is unwise to have x-rays if you even suspect that you may be pregnant as the radiation may harm the fetus especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

There is a hormone that can be traced in your urine when you are pregnant, and that is called the HCG hormone. Advanced pregnancy tests can detect this hormone & what percentage of the HCG hormone that is in your urine.

There are bras that are made of more material to sustain an leakage.

It could be several things. It could be the beginnings of your period, implantation bleeding, infection, unexplained bleeding in pregnancy, or loss of mucus plug if in advanced pregnancy.

They shouldn't! Actually, that is one of the sign of advanced breast cancer! You'd better get checked!

It depends on how far advanced the pregnancy is. If it's early enough, the woman will miscarry, or if it's further, it will be stillborn.

Yes. That is so generally after 12 weeks of getting pregnant. You can palpate the uterus there. The urine test for pregnancy is done in normal course. You have to do the ultrasound examination of the lower abdomen for confirmation. In advanced pregnancy, you can locate the foetal heart sounds. Pregnancy is confirmed clinically in that case.

Yes. They may get pregnant as long as they get periods and ovulation. At times you get advanced pregnancy in post forty years patients.

There is no reason why diabetic male can not. In advanced cases of diabetes, there may be inability to have satisfactory erection. But still pregnancy can take place.

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Depending on your location, physicians, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurses may perform abortions.

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Yes, they can as every pregnancy is different.

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A gemellar pregnancy is a twin pregnancy.

A pregnancy calculator app can help you keep track of your baby's growth, size, developing features and things that may be happening to your body. Some have advanced features that allow you to input your weight and what you have been eating to try to establish a pattern for morning sickness and heartburn.

Pre-eclampsia is a complication of pregnancy with multisystem implications. By detecting the concentration of Lactic dehydrogenase the mobilization of advanced treatment teams enhanced survival for mother and child.

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