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Amp is short for Ampere, the unit for current flow. Watts is a unit of energy expended. One horsepower is 735 watts. If you were to compare electricity with water Amps would be buckets per second and watts would describe the force of the water.


The ampere (A) is the base unit for electric current in SI. The watt (W) is the derived unit for power in SI.

The ampere is defined in terms of the force between two, parallel, current-carrying conductors.

The watt is defined as the rate of doing work and, therefore, is a special name given to a joule per second.

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Q: What is an amp vesus a watt?
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Can 1000 watt amp push a 1200 watt amp?

do amps get pushed? Normally a 1200 watt amp would need driving with less than 12 watts of audio.

1200 watt wiring kit suitable for a 800 watt amp and 1100 watt sub not sure whether this would have a effect on the cables?

1200 Watt wiring is more than enough for an 800 Watt amp. The rating of the sub doesn't make any difference to the cables. If you want to use the sub to its rated power you should get a bigger amp. If the amp can only give out 800 Watts and the sub can take 1100 Watts then you can put a bigger amp on. It is still going to be loud as with an 800 Watt amp. I have a 300 watt amp with a 1200 Watt sub and people hear me coming.

What gauge wires is best for a 2000 watt monoblock amp?

a 2000 watt amp takes a 4 gauge wire

Can a 1200 watt amp power a 300 watt box?

yes it can

Can you use a 600 watt amp with a 500 watt subwoffer?


Can a 800 watt amplifier push two 1052 watt subwoofers?

Yes the amp can push the 2 subs. I have 2 1250 watt 12inch subs and 1 maybe 400 or 500 watt amp and the amp does fine but if you want more bass at lower levels of volume then you want to have a bigger amp. Just make sure your amp doesnt blow your subs.

Can you use a 1000 watt wiring kit for a 1200 watt amp?


What amp fuse for a 1000 watt light?

That depends on circuit voltage. 1 watt is equal to 1 volt times 1 amp.

Can you power a 1300 watt sub with a 1500 watt amp?

Yes, are we talking rms or max? If its rms you will have no problem. well the amp is a 1500 watt max but 350wx1 rms in 4 ohm

How many watt in an amp?

That depends on the voltage.

What size circuit breaker is needed for a 900 watt microwave?

A 900 watt microwave will live quite comfortably on an ordinary (US) 20 amp circuit breaker supplying multiple 15 amp receptacles. A 20 amp breaker can support up to 2400 watt load, while a 15 amp typical receptacle can support a maximum 1800 watt load.

What is the difference between an amp and a watt?

The relationship is, a watt is the product of amps x volts.

How many watts for 2 kicker cvr 12's?

You need a 1200 watt amp, preferably a class d 1200 watt amp

Can a 1200 watt amp power a 1300 watt sub?

It's actually a good idea to have a speaker that can handle higher wattage than the amp can produce.

How do you convert watt hour to amp hours?

Watt-hours are converted to amp-hours the same as converting watts to amps. You divide the watts by the voltage and the answer is the amps.

Can a 200 watt amp power a 250 watt rms sub?

YES! it won't reach it's peak, but that's also probably a good thing, cause it'll be harder to blow your sub. i prefer to buy either the exact watt match for my subs and amp, or buy the next lower watt amp from my subs

How many watts does a 3000 watt generator produce in 8 hours?

watt, amp, and btu?

Will a 2000 watt four channel amp work with one 2000 watt Kicker?

yes it will

How many watt in one ampere?

There are is no watts in an amp. A watt is the product of amps x volts.

How many horsepower is 5 amp 700 watt compresser?

700 watt is 0.93871 horespower

Can a 15 watt amplifier power 300 watt speakers?

Yes but it will not be as loud as a bigger amp.

Will a 800 watt and 1200 watt amp blow out a 1400 watt sub?

Yes!!!!! Do not try it unless you want to get to very hurt!!!!!!!!

What car speakers will go the best with my 500 watt amp?

All car speakers will go well with a 500 Watt amp, but for the best effect, get a power subwoofer.

Can a 350 watt amp power 2 12s?

Need to know the voltage the amp operates on.

What watt speakers do you need for a 1000 watt amp?

You need atleast 700 watts true rpm.