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What is an angle stop used for?


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It is used to shut off (isolate) the flow of water from a plumbing fixture.


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The angle between the part of the street before the STOP sign and the part of the street after the STOP sign is usually a straight angle.

American "STOP" sign (135ยฐ inner angle).

The angle used to make the angle of reflection.

A protractor can be used to measure an angle.

A protractor is used to measure an angle

A protractor is used to measure an angle.

The instrument used to measure a angle is called a protractor!

AAA (angle angle angle) cannot be used as a reason in a proof when proving triangles congruent .

An angle of 90 degrees is a right angle.

The term angle of deviation is used in reference to a prism.

Right angle E. The vertex of any angle can also be used to name the angle.

There are 90 degrees in a left angle as there are in a right angle but the term 'left angle' is rarely used

A protractor is used to draw a right angle of 90 degrees.

the unit used to measure angle is degree. It is also measured in radians.

The unit that an angle is measured in is Degrees.

Stop sleeping in math class!

thrid angle projection is officially used in Australia, for a fact, not lying!!

In figure skating, there are a bunch of ways to stop. The most common ones are the T-stop, and Hockey stop. To do the T-stop, you put your feet like a backwards T (whichever foot is most comfortable for you) and angle your back foot so that you stop. The hockey stop seems somewhat easier; to do this, you must turn your foot (again, whichever is easier) to the side and slightly angle it.

A protractor will indicate an angle that has to be made.

this is used in trigonometry. its means angle side angleothers include ssa (side side angle), saa (side angle angle), ssa (side side angle), sas (side angle side), sss (side side side), aaa (angle angle angle)

Lasers are now used to treat both closed-angle and open-angle glaucoma. Peripheral iridectomy is used for people with acute angle-closure glaucoma attacks and chronic closed-angle glaucoma

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