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What is an antonym for the word ignore?


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Depending on the usage of the word "ignore"

  • Pay attention to
  • Acknowledge
  • Obey
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one antonym is IGNORE.Good answer; another antonym might be overlook, since ignore and inspect both include effort.

an antonym for praise is to ignore. i guess thts the best word

Disregard, ignore, overlook, neglect, forget...

Depreciate, forget, ignore, play down, understate

Antonyms for search could be "ignore," or "forget" or "no need for it."

There is no proper Antonym for the word "Assessed" but words like "Neglect" or " Ignore can be used for its opposite meaning. Akhunzada Ayatullah

The antonym of notice is miss, or ignore.

Please clarify your question. An Antonym is an opposite word. Help (ant) Ignore

An antonym for accost is ignore, avoid, and shun.

An antonym may be disregard, shun, and ignore.

The antonym I could think of would be to ignore. There's really no other antonym unless someone can top that answer. If you have some put it on, for every ones good. So again, the antonym would be IGNORE.

defer, ignore, not judge

forget, neglect, ignore

Forget, Negect, Ignore

Leave it, ignore, overlook

The antonym of engulfed is forget, ignore, reject, repulse, turn off.

The antonym of the word 'synonym' is 'antonym'.

The antonym of the word 'out' is 'in'.

i think one might be ignore.

The word account is a noun in most uses, so has no antonym. The verb "to account" (to account for) might have an opposite verb ignore. The opposite of the adjective "accountable" is "unaccountable, in the sense of irresponsible, capricious, frivolous, or injudicious.

The antonym of the word synonym is antonym.

Agree, answer, decide, win, avoid, ignore, shun, dodge, evade, bore, lull, calm, stop...


The antonym of "to inquire" (ask) could be to answer, reply, or respond. Or it could be to "not inquire" (to ignore or neglect).

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