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Q: What is an antynym for excavators?
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What is the antynym of preplexed?

relaxed or not confused

What are antonyms for excavators?


What is an antynym for interview?

Monologue? There is at least 2 people in an interview.

Does excavators has clutch?

Crawler excavators doesn't. They have a hydraulick motor.

What type of mini excavators do Caterpillar manufacture?

Caterpillar manufacture a wide variety of mini excavators, such as the 300.9D model or the 301.4C model. These are categorized on their website as mini hydraulic excavators.

Where can one find images of caterpillar excavators?

Images of Caterpillar excavators can be found on the Caterpillar website Cat. Images of Caterpillar excavators are also available on the website Machinery Trader.

How do you use excavators in a sentence?

Excavators are diggers or archaeologists.

What is a sentence using the word excavators in a sentence?

Excavators arm the walls have been lowered in every short time.

Where do you find excavators?

If you want to see excavators visit any construction site, if you want to rent one go to your nearest tool rental... Home depot has a tool rental that rents/sells excavators.

Where can I find more information on excavators for sale?

Excavators can be found in many places that sell heavy equipment. and are two well known vendors of heavy equipment that advertise that they sell excavators.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mega-Excavators - 2003?

The cast of Mega-Excavators - 2003 includes: Hector Elizondo as Narrator

Where can one find information on JCB Excavators?

Information on JCB Excavators can be found online from many different resources. The most reliable resource is the official JCB website which details all important information on their excavators.

What is meant by zero tail swing excavators?

Zero swing excavators are excavators that the rear/counterweight part of the machine do not extend further than the tracks. So the operator doesn't have to worry about allowing a swing radius for the rear.

What is the normal sequence of power train in a hydraulic excavator?

All Excavators are Diesel Power. But I Think the Massive Excavators are Electric and Diesel

Who invented excavators?

Joseph Cryil Bamford

What are some of the products that Komatsu Equipment offers?

Komatsu Equipment is a manufacturer and developer of construction and mining equipment. They manufacture and sell crawler excavators, mini excavators, wheel excavators, dump trucks, skid steer loaders, and much more.

Where can one buy used earth excavators in the UK?

There are many companies that offer the purchase of used excavators in the United Kingdom. Businesses such as Machinery Trader and Construction Tradex, offer services, such as buying and selling new and used excavators in the United Kingdom.

What are some machines that dig?

Augers, backhoes, excavators

What does zts mean when talking about mini excavators?

When talking about mini excavators, ZTS stands for 'zero tail swing.' The acronym AHS stands for 'zero house swing.'

Is the words monitor and computer an antonym?

no they are both almost the same thing an antynom .. that's like saying is bread and butter an antynym

What does the PC on Komatsu Excavators stand for?

"PC" in the model name of various Komatsu excavators allegedly represents "Power Crane." This was derrived from the original design documents used at the factory in Japan.

Is an excavator a commodity?

No, because excavators aren't sold primarily on price.

What is the meaning of mpgl as it relates to excavators?

MPGL, when relating to excavators, the meaning is still miles per gallon. The only difference is, the l means load in some cases, depending on the load that the excavator is carrying.

What do excavators do?

They dig things such as foundations, trenches, and grub out for roads and drive ways.

What does PC 200 OR PC300 means in excavators?

P - HydraulicC - Crowler200 - hp.